Carpets are of integral value to our houses; they provide us warmth, keep our feet soft and trap dust particles making the air healthy. They also help with the acoustics of the house by minimizing noise pollution, and all these functions are found in all types of carpets whether it be a rug or a wall-to-wall carpet. To maintain the quality and longevity of our carpets, specifically carpets cleaning and washing them is a major decision to make.

There are various ways to clean a carpet you can just dust it with a brush or vacuum it as usually there is no need to deep clean, but if you see lots of dust under the carpet, a feeling of wetness or smell or it’s been a few months to a year since it’s been cleaned then it is time to wash the carpet.

The two major ways by which you can clean your wall-to-wall carpets are wet cleaning and dry cleaning, which method is better? There is no right answer to this question and the debate on it continues to date. In this blog let us discuss both methods.

The wet cleaning method has different types such as steam cleaning, hot water extraction, foam extraction, and rotary shampoo cleaning methods. In wet cleaning hot water with chemicals is sprayed onto the carpet and extracted out via high-power vacuum machines. In the dry cleaning method only, chemicals are sprayed on the wall to wall to the carpet which is then vacuumed out.

If you use the wet cleaning method the carpet will need time to dry maybe 5 to 8 hours or more. The drying time also depends on the type of carpet and the material it is made up of. For the wet drying method, the hot water extraction method with a truck is the most favorable as it has the accuracy and hose power to spray and then extract out the water by its 5-motor powered vacuum. If done by an authentic professional company the carpet would be only moist when the team leaves and will dry in less time. You will not have to remove the furniture but keeping padding underneath is helpful. If you wish to use the carpet soon shoe caps are given as well.

If you must use the carpet soon such as in an office or a busy area then you can opt for the dry cleaning method as they use very less to no water, there is almost no moisture left when the team is done, and the carpet also dries completely within 30 minutes to an hour. This method is preferable for fragile rugs that are made of silk or rayon or in areas where we might not be able to bring the steamer truck or with no possible hose points. But with dry cleaning, there is always a chance of some residue left behind.

The professional truck-mounted hot water extraction method is preferable for spoiled and busy areas but if you wish to use them soon then dry cleaning is preferred. Wet cleaning may remove stains, but they might reappear on drying for this use the dry cleaning method after the carpet dries for added cleaning effect.