Why is the bespoke jewelry trend getting bigger?

If you follow jewelry trends, you may have heard the term ‘bespoke jewelry’. But what does this term exactly mean? Well, bespoke jewelry is something that’s made particularly for a customer or client. In simple words, any jewelry piece that a customer specifically orders or wants a jeweler to make especially for them is considered ‘bespoke’. 

Another word that people often use to refer to this jewelry is “custom.” The custom, bespoke or tailor-made pieces are all the same thing. It is a complete exquisite and unique jewelry that’s prepared just once for an individual or a special occasion. 

But why are these custom jewelry pieces trending so much these days? Well, the hype of bespoke pieces of jewelry is because of the following benefits:

It’s Unique: The best thing about custom jewelry is that it’s unique. It means that no one else will have the same piece as yours, as it’s made especially for you. Even if it’s slightly different from the earrings or a ring you saw at a store, it still boasts a unique touch and a creative touch. Moreover, your individuality is reflected through such unique jewelry pieces. That’s why it’s becoming popular these days, as everyone wants their personality to shine through the pieces they wear. 

It’s Romantic: While all bespoke pieces of jewelry are not bridal, a major proportion of custom jewelry are wedding bands and engagement rings. After all, there is something so special about making a ring, particularly for your fiancée. This is why many couples today are going the custom route to make their partner feel special. Plus, it expresses a romantic gesture. 

It’s Less Pricey: Yes, that’s true! Many times, the custom pieces are less pricey than a pendant or ring that you find at a store. It is because the jewelry stores often mark up their prices high to cover their costs. Therefore, it is best to work with a custom jewelry studio on your tailor-made piece that surprisingly costs less than your expectations.  

It’s Unlimited: Making custom jewelry is a completely different experience that’s beyond just the “shopping for jewelry.” When you work with an expert jewelry designer, you get unlimited options to design and create your distinct jewelry. The experience is very personal and often involves your imagination and creativity.  

Create Bespoke Jewelry WithGemrize

Bespoke jewelry means to begin with a clean slate. Then, you start building your idea around some non-confined parameters that enable re-calibration and changes along with the designing and creation processes. 

Whether you want to create a custom engagement ring or a tailor-made bracelet, Gemrize makes you part of every step from starting point to the finish.

So, if you want a special piece of jewelry that tells a story about your relationship, contact us to begin your journey.