Who Needs a Kybella Procedure: 4 Signs It Might Be Right for You

Losing weight and getting a straighter jawline with Kybella injections is no longer just for celebrities who can afford expensive surgery. After the FDA approved it, this popular procedure has been popping up in more and more doctor’s offices across America, including Forest Hills, New York. But what makes you a good candidate for the procedure? The first targets the most refined cosmetic dermatology in Forest Hills, NY.

  • You Don’t Have an Infection in the Area

If you have an infection in the area where Kybella injections will be performed, your doctor cannot give you this treatment. This is because the infusion of fat-destroying medicine could lead to an infection that can threaten your health.

In general, it’s a good idea to wait until any skin problems heal before getting Kybella since this could be a sign that you still have an infection.

  • Your Chin Dimple is Distracting

If your chin dimple disrupts your everyday life, such as making it difficult to eat and talk, Kybella might be the best way to fix the problem. Since you cannot do much about this on your own, getting Kybella can be a great solution to your predicament.

Most people can relate to not being happy with how you look in photographs. When Kybella injections help fix your chin dimple, it will make your facial features appear better, leading to more self-confidence and opportunities for advancement.

  • You Have a Diet and Exercise Resistant Double Chin

Kybella injections work for people of all ages, including teenagers and the elderly. This means that there is no age limit on who can get Kybella treatments. It can eliminate a double chin and help bring more definition to an already fit body.

While you probably won’t see many people with a six-pack opting for Kybella, it can help give you that toned look that you might not be able to achieve through diet and exercise.

You’re at a Stable WeightOne of the most important factors to consider with Kybella treatments is your weight. This isn’t a procedure that you should get if you’re planning on going through a significant life change, such as moving to a place with a warm climate or losing 50 pounds.

While some people choose Kybella treatment after they’ve lost a significant amount of weight, it’s best to wait until you’re at a stable weight before getting the injections.

  • Not Pregnant or Nursing

You should be six weeks postpartum before you can get Kybella injections. This is because your body could still be changing after giving birth, and the Kybella injections might alter those changes in a way that’s unacceptable to you.

Also, if you’re breastfeeding, don’t get this treatment until at least three months after your baby is born. The reason for this is that Kybella injections could alter the composition of your milk, which might affect the health of your infant.

Kybella injections are becoming more popular across America, but only certain people should be considering this procedure. If you have an infection in the area where Kybella will be performed or if your chin dimple is disrupting your everyday life, it’s time to get a consultation with a doctor about whether Kybella would be right for you. These specialists will ascertain if you’re a good candidate for the procedure.