Wall to wall carpet  are one of the less expensive flooring products. It can be treated with stain-resistant and soil-resistant properties. Also, they are extremely easy to clean and maintain. Carpet offers a cushioned surface under your feet, absorbs sound, adds warmth, and provides a non-slip surface. Carpet is a type of flooring that is made up of woven fibers. It comes in a variety of colors, materials, and designs. This floor covering is made up of fibers of wool, polyester, nylon, and olefin. A higher number of fibers and high-density volume of tufts will last long. Each fiber offers its own benefit. The choice of fiber depends on your personal preferences and the space you want to install it in. The four most common types of fibers include;


Wool has natural soil resisting properties. It is a well-constructed material. It looks good over a long period of time. It is popular because of the beautiful look it provides.


Nylon carpets are the most durable and provide good resistance to stains. It is ideal for heavy traffic areas and for houses that have pets and children.


Polyester provides a luxurious and classy look. It is good for room that faces a normal amount of traffic.


Olefin is recommended for commercial use as it provides great stain and moisture-resisting properties.


The texture of the carpet is also important to know, that includes frieze, level loop pile, Berber, cut loop pile and saxony.

  • Saxony is the type of cut loops carpet. The longer piles length makes it deep and soft. It is made up of densely packed twisted piles. It gives a more formal texture to carpet. It is good for low traffic areas as it can easily show footprints and tracking.
  • Frieze is similar to Saxony as it is a longer cut loop pile. It is a more casual carpet as the tightly twisted piles lie in multiple directions; this creates a less uniform look. This carpet is dense and soft but good for high-traffic areas because footprints don’t disrupt piles facing in one direction.
  • Level loop pile have consistent uncut loop piles that create an overall tight texture without any distinct variation or pattern. The softness of carpets depends on the tightness of loops, but this carpet will not show vacuum marks or footprints than makes it ideal for high-traffic areas.
  • Berber is a level loop pile made from thicker yarn. It is highly durable and good for high traffic areas. The variation of colors can hide the dirt and stains very well.
  • Cut Loop Pile carpet is very popular because of its high durability. It can be used for both high and low traffic areas. The loops are cut evenly at a short height which makes the texture of carpet soft while maintaining its shape. The texture of this carpet can be altered slightly by changing the density of piles and there amount they are twisted. A plush and velvet carpet falls in to this category.