Which is the Best Online Mock Test Site for CBSE 12 Physics, Chemistry, and Math?

The year is about to end and the anxiety amongst the student community is palpable. The reason for the anxiety is obvious- the most important class 12th board exams are drawing near. By this time, the students would be busy ensuring that they have completed the entire syllabus for Physics, Chemistry and Math and this is the time when the revision begins and students start taking full mock tests for subjects.

For every examination preparation, mock tests play a vital role. This is so because although the student might have spent considerable amount of time studying and preparing to the best of his abilities, it is a very different thing altogether to deliver the best in exam like conditions. Therefore, mock test papers, given in a true examination like environment, are key to making the students exam ready. It tests the students’ determination, ability to recollect under examination conditions, and more importantly, prepares the students to manage the stipulated time in an effective manner. Before we discuss the best mock test sites, here are a few tips that every examinee should bear in mind while attempting the mock tests.

  • Do not look upon mock tests as a mockery of tests. That would be underestimating it. Consider the mock test to be like your board examinations and prepare exactly how you would for the board examination.
  • Although you might be attempting the mock test in the comforts of your room, however, ensure that during the test duration, nobody should enter the room and you should not leave the room under any pretext.
  • Under no circumstance, should you fall to the greed of malpractice. It is a strict prohibition. Remember mock tests give you a reflection of where you stand, and it is an opportunity for you to identify your weak areas. Once they are identified, you should work on them so that you do not repeat mistakes in the final examination.
  • Follow the time duration strictly. In the examination, no invigilator will give you extra time so that you can finish answering that question you actually know. Time management is important.
  • Before you start the test, ensure you check your pockets and pencil boxes to see that you do not have any material with you that the invigilator might misconstrue to be a form of malpractice. Although there are no invigilators for online mock tests, but it is a recommended practice.
  • Last, but certainly not the least, if you do not know a question, do not lose heart. Mark it as incomplete and move on to the next question. Don’t waste time attempting those questions unless you have finished the sure shot ones. Have faith in yourself and your preparation.

There are many coaching institutes offering mock test series, and it is not surprising that students are always on the lookout for the best mock test sites. Following knowledge portals or coaching institutes have a proven track record for their excellent mock test series.

  • Doubtnut: Doubtnut is an online knowledge portal offering access to a lot of study material, question papers and quizzes. The student can also download this app to test their competency on the go. It has all the necessary reference materials for most of the subjects. There is a section called Quiz, where the student can attempt solving questions either chapter wise or random quizzes. There is a dedicated support group for the students and the students can get their doubt solved instantly through learned professors. The site has wonderful video lectures. There are also lots of video tutorials as well.
  • My CBSE guide: this is a great online site for test series. The most experienced team of teachers frames the questions, and this has been a popular choice of test series amongst the student community. The dates are announced well in advance along with the syllabus. The question paper pattern is like the CBSE examination. The site also offers doubt discussion classes after the test is over. The site provides access to solved question papers, video lectures, study materials etc.
  • Topper Learning: A CBSE student can get everything they need for their examination preparation on this site. The site offers study materials, references, online video lectures, helpful tips etc along with doubt discussion and clarification for the benefit of the students. Their prices are reasonable and their mock test series are very popular with the board examinees. This site has been offering one of the best services to the student community for a long time. They hold regular webinars for students on various topics.
  • Career Launchers: This coaching institute has been in there for a very long time. They have a plethora of offerings for CBSE class 12th students, out of which free and paid mock test series are one of the most popular ones. The packages are cost effective and you get to discuss your doubts with the experts. Like the other sites, even tis offers wonderful study materials, references and video lectures.