This could have invariably been a bothering question as many have tried to reach the conclusion of when a meter shredder should be used; it is known that scrap metal is used for reducing the sizes of scrap metal into manageable, transportable pieces, and they come in different sizes. Metal shredder commonly shreds tin cans, aluminum cars, tin boxes, tin, iron, copper tube, coins, computer recycling, bulk drums, home appliances, television sets, washing machines waste electrical, even cars. A metal shredder can be used when the material to be shredded has entered the torn box through the feeding system. At the point when the tear blade is loaded onto the box, it is readily ready to tear the metals into small pieces. The metal scrap, which is also called secondary metal processing, can be used anytime there is an infusion of the materials inside and there is an ignition from the operator. 

Additionally. The Metal Shredder have different unique cutting style system, which is a horizontal or vertical shaft, single shaft, even three or four cutting systems and they can be cut heavily loaded materials. For example, crushed old cars are fed into the shredder, moving into the feeder pipe, transcending to the shredding section; this is where heavy-duty hammers spin and crush down the metals. Invariably, the shredded materials will be separated into ferrous and non-ferrous material with the use of magnets before it is carried along the conveyor belt; it is eventually spewed out of the other side of the machine into two different piles for further sorting. The metal shredder is always an enormous piece of equipment because of the gravity of the work. It is built with metals and it is always ready for action after ignition. 

The Meter Shredder can be used when there is the need for the separation of ferrous from non-ferrous metal and some other materials, for example, rubber, plastics, and fabric. The shredder has the capacity to separate magnetic metal from non-magnetic metals and materials, which allows extracting maximum value from the scrap metal recycling process. It is indisputable that the usefulness of metal shredders is at its peak when there is a need to lessen the volume of scrap metal and reduce it down to manageable-sized pieces, especially bulky items that would be quite logical to transport in their virgin state.