What You Should Do When You Get Invisalign

Invisalign opens up the door to straighter teeth and a more confident smile. The Ardsley Invisalign specialists can help you get the right set of Invisalign to fit your needs. Remember, you will begin a new journey, and it is crucial to learn how you can adapt to your new lifestyle. Invisalign is easy to take care of, and all you need is a little discipline and a positive mindset to achieve your desired smile. Here, we help you understand what you can do to ensure you achieve great results and a happy smile.

Do Not Forget to Wear Your Invisalign

It looks obvious but a good reminder. You are investing time, money, and efforts towards achieving a perfect smile, and a slight mistake of not wearing the Invisalign can compromise the treatment. You get different trays that you must wear almost 24 hours seven days. You are only allowed to remove the aligners when eating, drinking, or cleaning them. It is normal to lose the urgency to wear Invisalign as you progress with the treatment, but be careful not to remove the trays whenever you feel like it. Let the trays remain on as much as possible.

Timely Change the Trays

You will need to change your aligner trays every two weeks. The trays are designed to improve your teeth straightening at different intervals, and you do not want to mess that up. Your doctor will customize a schedule for you to change the trays, and you must strictly follow it. This will ensure you achieve your expected smile by the time you are done using the last set of trays. Changing the trays on time helps you keep up the straightening pace to achieve your results as projected.

Maintain Previous Trays

You might think that previous trays are of no more use once you are set for the next pair of trays. But please do not dispose of them yet. Accidents happen, and you can imagine losing your current tray and doing away with the previous one. How will you keep up with the straightening pace as you wait to get replacements? You might find yourself backsliding, which will compromise your desired results. Therefore, hold on to the previous trays since they are in a better shape to hold on to as you wait for your next trays.

Maintain Good Oral Hygiene

Invisalign aligners are tremendous but increase your chances of developing harmful bacteria buildups in your mouth. But you can combat this possibility by practicing good daily oral hygiene habits to keep your mouth clean and healthy. Do not stop brushing and flossing your teeth and cleaning the aligners. It will mean fewer chances of harmful bacteria.

Secure Your Invisalign when Not in Use

Invisalign aligners should be in your mouth most of the time. However, you will have them removed when you eat, drink, or clean. Ensure you protect the trays when they are out of the mouth. You might misplace them, or they might sustain damage. But you can store them in a hard case and place them close to you at all times.

Invisalign aligners can deliver a straight smile and boost your confidence and self-esteem. Do not forget what you are supposed to do to ensure they effectively have their results. Reach out to the Ardsley Dental Spa Invisalign specialists today for more assistance. You can also make an online appointment.