What You Ought to Know Before getting Septoplasty Procedures

Proper care of your body is crucial, including the nose. There are nose complications that occur due to displacement of the wall between the nostrils. Septoplasty is a procedure that involves straightening the wall between the nostrils known as the septum. Book an appointment with Alexis Furze, MD, to get septoplasty in Newport Beach at the Otolaryngology and Facial Plastic Surgery facility.  Here is what you ought to know before getting septoplasty procedures.

Why go for septoplasty?

  • Fix a deviated septum- A deviated septum causes difficulty in breathing. It would help if you visited a septoplasty specialist to get the procedure as soon as possible to breathe normally. Moreover, a deviated septum will negatively affect the aesthetic appearance of your face since the septum bends towards one side of the nose. 
  • Sleep apnea- Sleep apnea is a breathing condition that affects a person’s breathing. Surgery may be the only option if non-surgical treatment does not solve sleep apnea. Doctors carry out septoplasty on sleep apnea patients to treat the condition.
  • Remove tumors- A tumor in the nose requires the doctor to perform septoplasty to remove the tumor.
  • Treat enlarged turbinates- Enlarged turbinates result in breathing complications among people. Septoplasty will be vital to treat the condition.

What are the requirements for septoplasty?

  • Physical examination- The septoplasty specialists will examine your nose. The nose examination will analyze the nose before you schedule the septoplasty procedure.
  • Medical history- The medical history will guide the specialist to determine the reasons for getting septoplasty. Your medical history will also determine if septoplasty is the most appropriate procedure to treat your nose complication. 
  • Photographs- Photographs are important for their medical specialists. The medical specialist will use the photos to plan for the procedure. The photos are taken from different angles to make substantial medical conclusions.

What to expect during the procedure?

Septoplasty needs to be done while you are under anesthesia. The two types of anesthesia used during the procedure are local anesthesia and general anesthesia. The septoplasty specialist will straighten the septum using different ways. These include repositioning, trimming, and replacing the bone. 

What are the requirements after the procedure?

Avoid blowing your nose for a few weeks- Blowing your nose may reverse the treatment through excessive pressure applied to the septum.

Try as much as possible to refrain from high-intensity activities- There are a lot of strenuous activities that can cause nose bleeding, such as running, lifting heavy objects, and aerobics. Hold the engagement of such activities for a while until the medical specialist recommends otherwise.

What are the risks of Septoplasty?

  • Excessive nose bleeding- The procedure is invasive and may cause bleeding. Complications arise when the bleeding becomes excess. Visit your septoplasty specialist if you experience ransom nose bleeding after the procedure.
  • Reduced sense of smell.
  • Formation of a hole in the septum- A hole may develop in the tissue, dividing the nostrils.

Septoplasty is safe if you visit an expert to carry out the procedure. Accidents are very common, and they may lead to a crooked septum. Get to visit a septoplasty specialist if you get an injury or a medical complication that requires the septum to be moved. The Otolaryngology and Facial Plastic Surgery facility have the best specialists and equipment for successful septoplasty procedures.