What You Need To Know About Underground Mine Support Systems

Mine support systems are available in the market for underground mining purposes. There are a lot of companies in the market that are designing these mine support products. The mining industry is one of the leading industries nowadays.

There are a lot of manufacturers of mining products in the market. However, the mine supports industry is working best in many fields apart from mining products. They are making polypropylene, bulk bags, container liners and many more.

The mining support systems are a very well established industry of mining products in South Africa. They are also exporting their products all over the world. In the mining products, there comes the manufacturing of the products like gold, platinum, and coal from the underground mining sources.

The mining support system at the deep level:

The mining support systems are used for the column type support in the deep-level underground construction. The woven bags provide high support. In addition, the high support bags ensure the security of the roofing with high support.

Woven bags:

The woven bags used in the mine support systems are polypropylene materials. These are very high-quality materials. The bags are fabricated with strong layers of fabric that can support them for a long period without any problem.

The material of the woven material bags used in the mining materials is very durable and very high quality. The woven bag materials are also used in textiles that ensure durability. In addition, high-pressure roofing requires materials that can withstand all the extreme weather conditions.

The products are designed so that they can bear all the load and other dynamic conditions without any inconvenience. The mining materials are designed to cover a width up to 6m deep. The mining materials like gold can be found at such depth.

The system is designed in such a way that they ensure the spacing of the small block easily. The integrity of the roof or the quality of the material is always our priority. The high resistant materials withstand the pressure from all the sides.

In our recent survey, we have found that the integrity of the roofing materials is very high such that they can protect the roof from all the hazardous conditions like blasting and earthquake. The mine support system also includes coal as a mining material. The coal provides the users with a systematic approach to high-level construction and support.

The Rocprop was also designed for this purpose. These materials are very easy to utilize in the roofing as they do not require restriction or ventilation. In addition, the blocks of the Rocprop are very small, which makes them versatile they can be used for multipurpose.

The adjustable size of the props makes them convenient for usage in soft rock. The benefits of the Rocprop make them very user friendly the cost of these materials is not very high. In addition, they can be installed easily and can withstand all the high-pressure conditions.

Significantly low cost:

The small size materials are very easily adjustable and can be handled easily. The cost of the Rocprop is not very high. These are the smaller version of the original blocks and can easily fit everywhere. They can almost cover an area of 2.1m.

Depending on the requirements, the mining support materials can be soft rock or hard rock. The size adjustment and highbrow support, belt drive support, longwall moves, barrier line support, tailgate and headgate support are some of the features of the soft rock mining materials.

  • Cooling units are also available for the remote mining products water chillers are used to control the temperature.
  • The mining support systems are continuously being innovated. Therefore, further developments will be made in the research mining programs in the coming years.


Mine support systems are man-made structures that support the underground mining systems so that they can absorb the pressure and stress forces from all sides. The mining support systems are widely used in the civil and construction industry for many useful purposes.