What is the Best Way to Clean Stamped Concrete?


A great way to add to your living space is to add a beautiful stamped concrete patio. You can select from wonderful designs, an incredible palette of colors, and a variety of textures.

Once stamped concrete has been added to your home, you will also enjoy how easy it is to retain its beauty.

Read more for ideas on how to clean your stamped concrete.


Keep Area Clean of Clutter

Your stamped concrete is a durable surface, so you and your family will enjoy many years of use. To keep the area looking new, you want to clean stamped concrete after each use.

 If your stamped concrete is along the edge of your pool, at the end of the day and night swimming, clear the pool floats and other toys from the surface of the concrete.

Let the Concrete Breathe

Maintaining concrete is also accomplished by letting it breathe. Feel free to decorate the patio area; however, set your plants and other décor on ¼ to ½ inch patio and deck protectors.

These are available at your local garden centers. Air can now flow beneath the planters, so that dampness does not build up underneath the pots.

Any mats that you place on the stamped concrete should be made with an open weave. These will also provide for a flow of air, which will keep the area beneath the mats dry.

Sweep your Stamped Concrete Regularly

Leaves, branches, and other debris will naturally fall and accumulate on your stamped concrete.

If these are not removed frequently, they can stain your concrete and/or begin to erode the protective sealant.

You also want to regularly sweep the area to remove any dropped food particles from the concrete. A leaf blower will also help you keep the area clean.

Use a Wet Mop & Mild Cleaners

To remove any debris that remains on your stamped concrete after sweeping, use a wet mop.

Usually, a thorough cleaning with a sponge or rope mop and warm water will remove anything that remains after sweeping.

If not, add a mild cleaner to the warm water. If you need to scrub the area, do not use steel wool or anything that is abrasive. A nylon brush is a great tool to scrub any stubborn spots.

Do Not Use Harsh Chemicals

Harsh chemicals used on stamped concrete can begin to erode the sealant that your contractor applied when they installed the patio or pool areas.

Anything that is an acid base, such as vinegars, are also too harsh a cleaner for your concrete. Additionally, do not use fertilizers in the plants that adorn your stamped concrete.

These are often chemically based and will begin to damage your stamped concrete.

Reseal as Recommended

Your concrete installer can recommend the best sealer to use on your stamped concrete. They can also suggest the best time of year that this should be done along with the frequency.

Many contractors also provide the service of professionally cleaning and resealing your concrete.

Follow these steps and enjoy your outdoor space!