What is Debt Consolidation, How Does It Work & Is It Good?


If you are paying many high-interest loans and wondering how you can consolidate and spend all your high-interest loans in one place, you must know about the term debt consolidation. In this article, you will understand what debt consolidation is and what the working of debt consolidation is. Who can apply for debt consolidation? And some critical points regarding debt consolidation. 


 So we will start with What is debt consolidation and how does it work?  Debt consolidation includes multiple high-interest debts into one loan in that you are going to pay a lower interest rate. Because you have now consolidated all your debts into one place, you have to pay only once a month. In easy terms, debt consolidation means you are taking one extra loan to pay your various high-interest loans.

Here are some critical points about debt consolidation. In this paragraph, you will know who is eligible for debt consolidation. So, read the whole content carefully and learn about everything thoroughly.

  • Those who have a predictable monthly income can opt for debt consolidation.
  • Also, those who have high-interest debts in various areas can also choose the option of debt consolidation.  
  • Those who have poor credit are not considered generally eligible for debt consolidation, and most of the banks refuse to approve them.
  • And if you do not have any reliable and steady source of income, then you must be far away from debt consolidation.
  • Those who can pay their loans in a couple of months or years or suggested not choose debt consolidation.
  • Debt consolidation only includes high-interest rate debts such as credit card bills and medical bills. It does not have a low-interest rate of loans such as student loans.


Suppose you are consolidating your loans, then in this process. In that case, the big lender that is the bank or credit union or online money lender is going to pay all of your high-interest loans directly or indirectly to your moneylender.

Here are some of the following ways using which you can pay your loans.


Many moneylender banks offer zero interest on balance charges if you opt for the balance transfer way to consolidate your debts into one card. But you must need to know about every term regarding the balance transfer condition of the specific banks, like when and how the bank will start to charge the interest.

So, you must have a plan to repay your loans within time so that you do not get extra charged. Other than this, you may have to face so many difficulties, so be aware.


 Many money lenders, including bank credit unions and online money lenders, lend personal loans to consolidate your various loans into one big low-interest loan so that you can pay all your high-interest loans at once in a month.

You can use the personal loan to pay your finance wedding bills, vacations, and medical bills.

But before you enrol for a personal loan, you just need to know about the terms and conditions of the moneylender bank, credit union, and online money lenders so that you do not get extra charged. 


  • Consolidating your various loans into one loan reduces the pressure from your head and makes the process of paying the debts easier.
  • Generally, consolidating the loans reduces the interest rate that saves a lot of money for the customer.
  • This reduces the amount of pay that the person pays per month though it increases the time and makes the process of paying your loans longer.


So, the idea of consolidating the debts is a good idea if you are paying many high-interest loans. But make sure you read all the terms and conditions before signing any documents of loan papers. Also, Crawfort is an amazing platform to pay your cash loan Singapore.