Top Signs You May Need To Visit a Vascular Specialists

Vascular Specialists are trained surgeons who treat the human body’s vascular system. Blood vessels -arteries carry oxygenated blood, and veins carry blood back to the heart. This system is the pathway of your circulatory system, of which without its smooth flowing, your body cannot function properly. Conditions such as clogging of the arteries can cause the hardening of the arteries in your circulatory system, obstructing the free flow of blood to your whole body. Evergreen Park Carotid Stenting prevents stroke by opening clogged arteries to restore blood flow to the brain. The carotid arteries are located on the periphery of your neck. These are the main arteries supplying blood to your brain. If they are clogged up with fatty deposits that reduce the blood flow to your brain, a condition known as Carotid Artery Disease can lead to a sudden stroke.

Signs You May Need To See a Vascular Specialist

1.  Swollen and Aching Legs

If you have constant aching and swollen legs, it can be an early stage of venous disease. These are also called varicose veins, enlarged blood vessels that stem from your thighs, knees, and calves that may appear red or purple.

2.  Blurry vision and numbness

If you suddenly have tingling and blurry vision accompanied by numbness and weakness on one side of your body, treat this as a medical emergency. The above symptoms can cause a stroke. A stroke is caused due to non-performance or the death of the brain tissues due to insufficient blood in the brain.

3.  Severe back Pain

Many people tend to downplay their back pain and learn to suppress it with self-medicating, which is incorrect. If symptoms persist and progress without medical intervention, they could lead to severe complications. Please do not ignore the severe back pain, and let the doctor rule out the probable condition you are suffering. It might very well be the early stages of stroke

4.  Constant fatigue

Constant fatigue is not a good sign at all. This means that your body may slowly shut down due to insufficient blood flow to the brain. Do not sit at home and wait; see a physician today!

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms and live in the Evergreen Park area, you should speak to a doctor about these symptoms as soon as possible. If they detect vascular disease, they will most likely recommend you to a Vascular Specialist for prompt action.

What Can I Do to Stay Healthy?

Although Carotid Stenting opens your arteries and keeps blood free-flowing, it does not stop fat build-up. To prevent the clogging of arteries from occurring after the procedure, you should also consider the following lifestyle changes:

  • Quit smoking
  • Eat more whole and healthy meals without cholesterol, calories, and saturated fats.
  • Adopt a regular workout plan that involves walking and aerobic exercises.
  • Maintain manageable body weight.
  • Follow your Vascular Specialist’s instruction on medication as well as watch your cholesterol levels to thin out your blood.

Perhaps you have never thought about the health of your blood vessels. It is about time you consider this a vital part of your overall well-being. After all, the job of your blood vessels is to ensure that every organ in your body receives an adequate blood supply so that it can function correctly.