Top 7 advantages of using tiles in the bathroom

Why do most home owners and commercial property owners install tiles in their restrooms? We bet your designer would have recommended you the same. Let’s be practical, do you see any other suitable option for your bathroom that is most of the times wet with water and soap?

Other than flooring, tiles are also used on walls in bathroom. Choose Club Ceramic tiles for your home restrooms to add comfort, convenience, and beauty. Are you wondering how can tiles add comfort and convenience to your bathroom? Read further to know the various benefits of installing these.

7 advantages of installing tiles in the bathroom:

  1. Resilient to moisture and mold:

The harsh chemicals, detergents, shampoos, and soaps can sometimes damage the bathroom floor and walls. People use tiles even on the countertops to prevent damages and cracks. Tiles are the best options as these are resistant to moisture, mold, and other issues.

  1. Easy on maintenance:

Compared to other options for flooring and walls, tiles are easy to maintain. Unlike paints and plaster that need regular maintenance, repainting, and re-doing, tiles are easy to clean. These can be cleaned easily with a cloth. You don’t have to use harsh chemicals and detergents to clean the tiles.

  1. Oodles of varieties:

We bet this is one of the best advantages of using tiles. The varieties in colors, designs, pattern, texture, and type can transform the whole looks of your bathroom. Moreover, these are affordable and one time investment for long.

  1. No risks of cracking and chipping:

Ceramic tiles accompany the bathroom for long; these do not chip and crack if maintained properly. Unlike other options, these tiles do not need heavy maintenance. Thus, the wear and tear with time is protected.

  1. Long lasting solution:

Choosing tiles for bathroom can save you from all the various costs. Other than savings on maintenance, these save cost on washing, cleaning, paintwork, and other wear and tear with time. Ceramic tiles are known to have longer durability than other options. Technically, tiles that are maintained properly last for over 75 years and even more.

Club Ceramic tiles can be the best option if you are new to the concept of tiles for your bathroom. Ask the seller to show you the varieties and choose something most suitable with your bathroom. Bathroom remodeling can also be handed over to an experienced designer who will provide you expert guidance on the tile selection.