Top 6 FAQS answered on vehicle importing to Canada

Every country has different law. Thus, the laws are different for car importing too. From the eligibility criteria to documentation, things may look different for preparing the vehicle to run on Canadian roads. Most people are often confused with the terms and law of import. It is one of these reasons why they rely on customs agent.

Custom agents work on a regular basis with several people and departments. They handle similar requests and have guided several people on vehicle import to Canada. Thus, they are aware of the process and they know how the system works with patience and time.

6 Most common FAQS answered on vehicle importing to Canada:

  • How much should be the age of vehicle?

Vehicles that have crossed 15 years are not eligible for Canadian roads. Thus, you may have to provide proof of the age of the vehicle. You must all check the other criteria on the exemption by Canadian government.

  • Can I transfer warranty along with the import?

In some cases, they do allow to transfer warranties from US to Canada. However, it depends on case to case. For instance, extended warranties, coverage, maintenance plans, road assistance, and more… may not be allowed for transfer.

  • Can hiring customs help me in importing a vehicle to Canada?

Certainly yes! They know the process and system better than anyone else. Thus, they the best to handle your paperwork, documents, and other formalities related to the vehicle import. Moreover, they also help you clear the ITN number request.

  • Can I import car to Canada from a country other than US?

Unfortunately No; the registrar of imported vehicles permit only originally manufacturer vehicles from the US.

  • What is the meaning of VIN and how do I obtain it?

VIN stands for Vehicle Identification Number. It is generally a 17 number consisting of alphanumeric characters. It is required by the Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (CMVSS) department. VIN contains a few essential details such as;

  • Plant Code
  • World Manufacturer Identifier Number
  • Model Year
  • Vehicle attributes
  • Sequential Number and more…


  • Do I need to modify my vehicle before the import to Canada?

Every vehicle passes through a mandatory test conducted by the CMVSS. Based on the test response, the owner may have to do some modifications to successfully cross Canadian borders.

Hire a reliable customs broker from trusted companies like If you have any further questions, you can contact the Registrar or a customs broker directly.