Tips for getting used to dentures

Dentures are a lifesaver because they restore your smile and confidence. You don’t have to hide your smile after teeth removal, as many specialists fill the gap by placing an implant or dentures. Those with missing teeth in Emerson can visit Dr. Archer M. for a successful tooth replacement. So, how do you adjust after getting your new dentures? Here are some of the tips to help you transition smoothly.

Set realistic goals

You will likely feel like a foreign object in your mouth once the dentures are fitted. You’ll likely feel embarrassed when learning to speak using dentures. Also, you won’t eat as you used to when you had your natural teeth. Start by eating softer food that doesn’t require much chewing. Know that it’s normal to feel uncomfortable while wearing dentures and you will get used to it after a while.

Slip the dentures correctly

Dentures are temporal teeth, and they can slip when you cough, laugh, smile, or sneeze. The dentures can come out if you don’t slip them back in time. When you feel like they are falling, gently bite your lower lip and act like you’re swallowing something. Biting the lips will help you fit the dentures discreetly. Visit your dentist if the dentures keep on coming out.

Practice speaking out loud

Fitting dentures will interfere with your cheeks, lips, and cheeks. Start by practicing all the words that give you difficulty when speaking. Singing is an excellent form of speech training, and you can try singing your favorite music. After several attempts, you will be able to talk normally without stammering or mispronunciation of words.

Exercise your facial muscles

Exercising your cheek muscles will help your mouth move when eating and swallowing. You can even start practicing before you get fitted with your new dentures. Building these muscles will make your mouth feel at ease when chewing and swallowing food. If you feel pain when exercising facial muscles, visit your dentist because the dentures could be fitted incorrectly.

Follow your post-extraction instructions

Your journey will be much easier if you follow all the instructions your dentists give. It’s normal for your mouth to be sore after tooth extraction. You can wait for the soreness to go away before you start wearing the dentures. Ensure you take all the prescribed medicines to reduce the pain and attend all the appointments for checkups.

Brush your dentures and gums

Getting fitted with dentures doesn’t mean you should abandon your brushing habits. Brush the dentures regularly to remove food particles. Not taking care of your dentures and gum will attract bacteria that cause bad breath, staining, or even gingivitis. Use a softer brush when brushing the dentures to avoid damaging them. Ask your doctor how dentures are taken care of before leaving the clinic.

 Whether you lost your teeth through an accident or tooth extraction, you shouldn’t be ashamed of wearing dentures. Book an appointment with Emerson Dental Arts today, and they will help restore your smile.