It is popularly said that in everything that is done accurately process is very important as much as there are a lot of processes that are put into making or getting suitable wholesale nursery containers for our plants, there are also processes that are put into the growing those plants that are why we will considering what it will take to grow citrus in wholesale nursery containers accurately. The basic steps that are involved in growing citrus in containers are;

  • Choose the Right Plants: Even though any type of citrus tree can grow in wholesale nursery containers, however, full-sized grapefruit or orange trees may actually take a long to survive even in a large container. It may be better to just go for dwarf varieties of citrus such as “improved meyer” lemon, “bearss” lime, “kaffir” lime, “trovita” orange, and many other dwarf citruses that you can conveniently and comfortably grow using containers.
  • Select Good Containers: Start with small wholesale nursery containers when planting a young citrus tree since it will be much easier to keep proper soil moisture than in big containers. A fresh citrus tree will grow fine in an 8-inch diameter container to start with. When it is about two to three years old, the citrus will need about 10 to 12-inch diameter container.
  • Choose the Right Soil Mi: The next after getting the right set of citrus plants and wholesale nursery containers, the next important thing is getting the right soil mix for your plants, and this is where the processes become important when you get the plant and container right and if the soil mix is not appropriate, it has the ability to ruin all the effort.
  • Potting your Citrus plant: After you have gotten your soil mix then planting your citrus is the next, however, this must be done carefully so that in the process of planting you don’t get to damage the plants.
  • Water your Plant: Citrus plants prefer infrequent and deep watering as against having to water frequently but swallowed. Ensure that you water the soil when it is dry to at least 6 inches deep. 
  • Fertilizing and pruning your citrus is what is next after all has been done to ensure proper growth.