Should You Get A Straight Razor Shaving From Barbershop

Straight razor shave is an age-old tradition used by men to shave their beards. This shaving razor looks very classy and gives a clean shaving look on the face. The Long Island Barbershop says Straight razor shaves have been the choice of men because of their sleek look and the result they provide.

Straight razor shave is also a symbol of pride because of an old tradition of shaving. Even in modern days, when there are thousands of shaving razors available in the market, most men prefer straight razor shave for shaving.

Straight razor shave is not just only popular amongst the old generation but also comes with many benefits. Below are the following advantages of straight razor shave.


Straight razor shave is the best option to get from Long Island Barbershop. You can also use it in your home if you know about the correct usage of it.

Easy to Use

Once you get your hands on a straight razor shave, it becomes straightforward to use because it’s convenient.  And once you start using this razor, you will enjoy the process very much.

Traditional Technique

You must have seen your father or grandfather using this straight razor shave because it’s an ancient traditional method. This is why it’s the most trusted and proven method used for shaving.

Eco Friendly

Straight razor shave is an eco-friendly product because it uses less cream, which will reduce the pile of cream boxes in the drawer of Long Island Barbershop. Also, it uses less plastic and metal as compared to other shaving razors.

If you want to save the environment, then a straight razor shave is the best option.

Straight Razor Is Safe

Straight razor shave gives the best results; it removes the hair from the surface, avoiding any hair bumps on the face.  Also, it causes less irritation to the skin and gives a clean and even shaves. With good quality cream and brush, you can get a salon look at home.

One Time Investment

A straight razor shave is a long term investment; one purchase will go for many months and will still look new. It is less expensive, and you don’t have to change it frequently like other shaving razors.

Final Word

Being an old age shaving method, straight razor shave is also a symbol of pride for many men. To get an appealing shaving for your face, you should come to Long Island Barbershop. Here, we have professional barbers in our hands who can do the best for your beard look. However, we have the option of straight razor shaving. You can choose a method as per your choice from us.