Serious Plumbing Problems That You Must Fix In No Time

Plumbing Problems

When buying a house, make sure to look out for the tedious plumbing problems that might cause severe damage and extreme financial woes in the future if not addressed right away. In this write-up, I have jotted down five such issues that cannot be overlooked and must be taken care of before one signs on the dotted line. Readers are requested to buy some time and take a close look at the below-mentioned pointers.

  • Blocked drains

According to a top-notch plumbing agency offering water system repair services, blocked drains are a major issue that must be resolved immediately. Continual deposition of toiletries, loose hair, oils, and other materials obstruct the path and often lead to acute leakages. A drain is considered proper if water from the faucet passes quickly without any hassle. Check under the sink for drips and mould growths.

  • Not well-installed water pipes

Leaky pipes are known for causing extreme water damage. Before purchasing a house, make sure to look out for corroded joints, pinhole leaks, and warn piping. Galvanized pipes are considered outdated and thus, should be replaced immediately. Water pipes must be insulated and big enough to ensure smooth water and liquid wastage flow.  

  • Leaking toilets

Running water eventually destroys the gaskets and seals of a toilet, so if it is constantly dripping, make sure to fix the chain or flapper. Serious leakages could occur in toilets that do not drain properly. Well, before you move on to a house, check if the toilet is in good condition or not. Seek professional assistance for all kinds of damages starting from discolourations to soft floors and wiggly bowls.

  • Non-operational sewage system

Detecting the kind of sewage system in use is perhaps the best way to find out about a house’s plumbing situation. In case of septic tanks, check their location and the surrounding space for seepage and obnoxious odours. If the system is connected to some other line, feel free to conduct a video inspection and avoid clogs or damages.

  • Old water heaters

A typical water heater is known to last for ten years or so. However, dampness and corrosion can certainly cut short the lifespan of these devices. If left for prolonged periods without maintenance, they might also cause flooding. According to a well-known plumber, one must take the current state and location of the water heater into account prior to purchasing and installing your new system in the home. You can either walk away from houses that are suffering from such plumbing issues or get them fixed before shifting. A large number of efficient and experienced plumbers are waiting eagerly to seamlessly solve the situation.