Do you need extra cash? Then it is a no-brainer that selling the unwanted stuff in the home is a great place to start. So, you can start by cleaning out the jewellery box to find bits and pieces you can sell. Another fantastic thing is using a gold mail service to sell your valuables to gold buyers online. 

So, you need not leave your home to sell your unwanted jewellery. They will evaluate it for you and provide you with an estimate to offer you money. So, why sell gold as the predicted forecast for 2022 looks excellent check it out now. 

How Do Gold Mail Services Work?

All you do is head to a gold dealer’s website and complete a form online to request sending your valuable by mail, and some even offer the service free of charge. Still, it does depend on where you live, and you can expect a mail-in pack to arrive within two days to a week. 

The pack you receive will contain a return pre-paid envelope to send your scrap gold back to the gold buyer. You will have some forms you need to fill in. Then, place your jewellery pieces in the paid envelope and take them to your post office. 

If you are concerned about safety, your envelopes are sent as registered posts to prevent them from getting lost. Still, insurance covers it, and you receive a tracking number to track your parcel for delivery. You can even track your package online, giving you peace of mind. 

Now You Wait to Be Paid Cash 

Once your package arrives at the gold dealer, they will notify you by email. They will then test and value your gold according to the precious metal’s purity, weight, and current spot price. They will then contact you with an obligation-free valuation the same. 

You can then decide if you want to accept the offer. Once you approve the evaluation, you receive your payment in 24-hours into your selected bank account as easy as that. But if you decide not to accept their valuation, they will return your items to you. 

You may find that some gold buyers return it to you for free, while others may request a small fee. Hence, we recommend checking the information with them online related to how each one’s gold mail service works. 

You Get a Secure Way To Sell Gold Jewellery 

With the comprehensive systems available from gold buyers, you can quickly sell your unwanted gold securely with them. The process is simple and reliable. Even the insurance on your items is taken care of, and the likeliness of getting lost is negligible. 

Furthermore, depending on the gold buyers in Australia wide, you may get a bonus offer selling your gold to them. These can include sending your mail-in pack within five working days to receive 5% more for your gold. This is only an example, and the calculation works from when your packages are received. 

Hence, you can get more cashback. So give it a try to get some payday money earlier for your unused gold.