Rolex Watch For Women That Make You Look Elegant

Who said women don’t like wearing watches? Women love classy- elegant-looking watches, as many men do. So if you’re looking for a wristwatch that will bring out your personality, then Rolex is the brand for you. Rolex has a wide variety of elegant wristwatches. And is well known for its excellent quality. So, let’s look into the Rolex watch for women (นาฬิกา Rolex ผู้หญิง, which is the term in Thai) 

Top 3 Series Of Rolex Watch For Women To Complete Your Look 

Describing the watch is a pretty different work. It is mainly about what features it has inside of it. So here are the top 3 Series of Rolex women’s watches you can buy. 

  • Datejust 36 Series

Rolex Datejust seriously is the world’s top Rolex women’s watch series. It has a wide range of women’s watches and is available in two dial sizes, 36mm and 31mm. Therefore you can easily choose which dial size is best for you. 

These watches provide 300ft underwater resisting use. It has a High-performance Paraflex that helps absorb the shock or stress of this watch. Then this product has a 55 hours power reserve system and the feature of a crown clasp lock. Hence, undoubtedly it will cover all your needs.

  • Lady-Datejust Series

Rolex Lady-Datejust took second place in the list of top Rolex women watches. The dial of this watch is 28mm and 330ft waterproof build. This watch is available in oyster Steel, gold, evergreen gold, white gold, diamonds. 

An interesting thing about this watch is you can wear this to both the office and parties. The Rolex will fit nicely with your outfit. It has Folding Oysterclasp with Easylink 5 mm system. And can store power for up to 55 hours. So, complete your elegant Day to night look with Rolex Lady-Datejust.

  • Day-Date Series 

Finally, the Day-date series. If you see watches of this series, the first thing you will notice is its bling. This series has the most expensive Rolex watches for women as these are built with 18 ct gold and Diamonds. Many watches are available in this series, blending with expensive gold, white gold, everose gold and diamonds. 

About the features of this product, Rolex Day-date provides 36mm of dial diameter with a 330 ft of Waterproof technology. It has a twin lock, double waterproofing system and a crown clasp lock. This watch is the best option if you are going to a party or need some extra bling to add to your personality. 


All these watch series are a part Rolex Oyster collection. So, If you love having an accessory to enhance your nature and give you an exotic look, then don’t wait to go to the Rolex showroom and buy a Rolex watch from the women’s collection.