Critical details before searching for real estate investments in Corona del Mar

If you always wanted to enjoy the coastal charm of Orange County in your own home, Corona del Mar promises to offer everything. The housing market here is competitive, and people don’t mind splurging their money on residences that provide unrestricted views of the ocean. The good news is the range of properties you can find here – from massive estates to minimalistic homes. Depending on the location, you can have easy access to the vibrant community and stunning beaches. Before you start a property search, the first step is to find a reliable Corona del Mar real estate agent. Here are some aspects worth your attention. 

Take your time finding a real estate agent

Online listings may give you a sneak peek into the market, but you cannot expect to choose a house or property based on information on the internet. You need an experienced and credible real estate agent, and if you are interviewing a few, ask questions like – 

  • How long have you been working as an agent in Orange County?
  • What types of properties do you deal with?
  • Can you share details of recent deals? Will you share references?

You need someone who is based in Corona del Mar because local agents and brokers will understand the market dynamics and trends and will be able to guide you further. Also, a good agent will take time to understand your real estate goals and can advise you on how to maximize the returns. Whether this is a private home or a property that would eventually go to visitors and renters, you should be able to appreciate your investment in the long run. 

Be selective

Many prospective buyers often want to invest quickly in a property, especially when looking for vacation homes in Corona del Mar. You need to be selective and cautious about options and must consider different types of properties and spaces. The seller may claim they have the best offer, but trust your agent to tell you whether it is a good time to invest or you should wait. 

Go in person

You have to check beyond the online pictures. Sellers will do all that it takes to show the value of their property. These pictures don’t always depict all details. A seller may even do an inspection and give a disclosure, but you cannot trust everything you read. Make sure you pay a personal visit to the properties. Also, for top estates and high-end vacation homes, you will need to book an appointment before you go.  

Corona del Mar sees priciest home sale in years with $21.25-million deal - Los Angeles Times

Consider all expenses & long-term aspects

Financing a vacation home in Corona del Mar isn’t the only thing you need to worry about. If you wish to rent out, you must spend on property management & maintenance, which will eventually add to your overall costs of owning the property. Also, there are tax implications and other expenses. Property owners who don’t stay permanently here would need help with upkeep and providing services to renters. 

Always spend on house inspection

Once you have decided on a property, you have to spend time inspecting the property. Ask your real estate agent to find a licensed inspector who will ensure all elements of the house are reviewed. The list includes the structure, foundation, HVAC systems, electrical & plumbing components, and appliances. The report will come in handy when you negotiate the price. 

Final word

A house in Corona del Mar could be your perfect getaway. You could always go for a property that’s not high on tech and smart appliances and upgrade later, provided you get a decent deal. Ask your agent to help you on negotiating the final price based on the correct parameters.