Racking and Storage System

Our Boltless Rack (Boltless Racking System) is designed to reduce time during setup and comes in various Heavy Duty and Light Duty variants. The boltless racking system is simple to assemble and disassemble, making it an excellent option for storing products with minimal harm. We offer a boltless steel racking system that is perfect for storing and exhibiting light-duty items like office file cabinets and other light-weighted items. Our boltless shelving Malaysia rack is a cost-effective racking solution that includes simple rack components to put up in the workplace and install without the need for bolts, nuts, screws, or tools.

“Medium Duty Racking Systems” are designed to handle moderate usage or storage demands, and they come in a variety of sizes and styles to help you increase efficiency and speed while boosting flexibility in your store’s productivity and operations. Business.


  • Available in various sizes and functions, with load capabilities ranging from 600 to 2000 kg per level.
  • Due to the availability of a long span shelving system, commodities may be loaded and unloaded manually without the need for any mechanical equipment.
  • May stock goods ranging from the tiniest components to the largest and most strictly structured items can be modified to meet our clients’ individual needs.
  • For sturdy construction, use a pressed formed profile.
  • Because of the press-formed deck panels, a smooth surface and substantial weight carrying capabilities are guaranteed.
  • Because it is treated chemically for degreasing and de-rusting using the hot phosphating procedure, it has increased strength and stability.
  • The optional powder-coated body ensures a good finish and long rust-free life, especially in damp zones.
  • Easy to adjust to the required load volume and to handle circumstances.
  • Flexible beam levels to accommodate a wide range of object sizes.

Boltless rack shelving is an excellent heavy-duty shelving option for industrial, wholesale, and retail applications. Boltless rack shelving, also known as rivet shelving, may be readily constructed and modified without the need for any fasteners, nuts, or bolts. Boltless racks are a fantastic storage choice for any institution since they are sturdy, easily customizable, and versatile. To satisfy your boltless rack shelving needs in your shop, store, garage, or warehouse, choose from a choice of sizes and designs of conventional and heavy-duty shelving.

Choose from full steel boltless rack shelving systems or individual components to build your industrial boltless rack shelving. On our steel boltless rack shelving systems, adjustable shelves in 1.5′′ increments are available, allowing for easy modification to match your product or tools. Boltless rivet shelf is ideal for storing items in a garage, shop, or hardware store because of its resilience and versatility.

The Medium Duty Racking Systems are designed for storage that is lightweight. The components of this cost-effective system are simple to assemble and install without tools or bolts and nuts. There are also a variety of sizes to choose from.

  • Shelves are built of high-density fiberboard with steel center supports and are powder-coated blue with a high-visibility yellow finish.
  • The shelves may be adjusted every 35mm.
  • Just tap pieces together using a rubber assembly mallet for a boltless installation.
  • SIRIM’s manufacturing and safety standards have been thoroughly tested and verified.