Questions that you can ask an astrologer while consulting them. 

The online Astrologer App is a boon to all who are seeking astrology as a means to make your life happy and contended. The app has overcome the hassle of getting a good astrologer by offline process and the disadvantages confronted with the same. You can consult and seek advice from astrologers around the world in the comfort of your home through the app. Before starting the consulting, you need to have a list of questions ready to be asked.

Astrology deals with many subjects and categories. You should be well aware of the subject you need to take the Astrologer’s advice through the app. Life is full of uncertainty and confusion. There will be many instances in your life where you are at a crossroads, not knowing what to do. To make it simple and helpful, here are the subjects you can ask the Astrologer for forecasts and predictions.

Birth chart and zodiac sign

Firstly you need to start by asking the Astrologer how your birth chart and zodiac sign are placed in the present time. To get the answer to this, you need to give the exact date, time, and place of birth.

Life prediction

You can ask for a generalised prediction of your life path. For example, ask about what the future holds good in terms of education, health, career, wealth, etc.

Difficult phases in life

Every birth chart has a good and bad phase of life. It is essential to know when your bad phase starts so that you can take advice on precautions and remedies to be taken during that time.


Education is necessary to shape your future. Knowing what kind of education, which field to choose, and what to do to achieve academic success is essential. You can ask for the reasons for bad academic performance and seek solutions to overcome them.


If unemployed, you ask when the chances of getting a job are. Which field of career is suitable to achieve growth? If employed can ask for the future in the present job. Can you change the job, or how long can you hold on to the present job? If facing major setbacks or issues in the present career, ask for solutions and remedies.


Ask if you can succeed in business. What kind of business can you do? Ask if doing business in partnership will do well for you. What precautions do you need to take while doing business? What name is suitable for the business?


You can ask about married life. When can you plan for marriage? You ask for solutions for your marriage getting delayed. Is there any dosha in your birth chart concerning marriage? At what age will you get married? How to rectify a bad marriage? Ask for the reasons for an unhappy marital life and solutions to overcome.


You can ask questions concerning the relationship with partners. For example, how well you are compact with them. Does the relationship work? Can a relationship turn into a life partnership?


Ask questions about your children, their future, health, and well-being. Ask about your relationship with children. What precautions should be taken to make their future regarding education, career, business, and marriage?


You can ask about health issues you can face in the future. What are the remedies or solutions for present health conditions? Ask what diseases you may suffer as per the birth chart. Ask about the health predictions of your parents based on your horoscope. Which period of life do you have the possibility of falling sick or disease born? What precautions are to be taken to avoid adverse effects?


You can ask questions about the accumulation of wealth. When to plan? When is the right time to invest in properties? Ask what properties you can own or make investments per the birth chart. Ask if investing in a particular property planned by you yield good results.


You can ask questions about Vaastu of your home and office or place of business. What changes can be made? For example, you can seek Vaastu guidance per your birth chart to construct a house or building for business purposes.

The astrologer app will enable any question as long as it concerns astrology and your birth chart. Make sure you properly think and chalk down your questions. Be specific and subject-oriented. Do not repeat the questions differently to check for the answer. Keep the language simple to understand during a chat with Astrologer. Never waste time and money asking questions about your past and present.