One of Globally Top 1% of All Podcasts — Wake Up With Patti Katter.

For people who don’t know what podcasts are, the dictionary definition of a podcast is a digital audio file made available on the internet for downloading to a computer or mobile device, typically known as a series, new installments of which can be received by subscribers automatically.

The term Podcast is a portmanteau of iPod and Broadcast. Podcasting started as primarily an independent way for individuals to get their message out there and build a community of people with similar interests.

That still exists, but today there are podcasts from:

    • individuals
    • companies (large and small)
  • radio networks (like NPR)
  • TV networks (CNN, Fox, ESPN, etc.)
  • new podcast-only networks (Gimlet is a great example)
  • comedians
  • storytellers (Lore comes to mind)
  • churches (Red Rocks Church is amazing)

And a whole lot more. There isn’t a predetermined length, format, style, production level, or anything else.

Engaging podcast content takes time and work, but it’s worth the investment. The biggest reason to focus on producing compelling podcast episodes is their ability to help you build a loyal fan base. These listeners tune in to your show weekly, help it succeed by leaving positive reviews, and sharing your content with friends.

If you want engaged listeners, you must create engaging podcast content – the type of content they can’t wait to get more of. Let us continue with the article to uncover that one of the top 1% of all podcasts globally is Wake Up With Patti Katter.

Wake Up With Patti Katter is a very successful podcast and radio show. It has helped many people get a place to voice their opinions, their hardships, and how to stay encouraged in difficulties and motivated for better times. Many famous people have appeared on the show as well.

Patti Katter puts extra time and resources into helping others through various philanthropy opportunities. Be it helping children in other countries attend school or the military people. All these factors have led to its success in this period. The approach of this Podcast is to help people across the globe to make their lives better in all ways possible.

Patti Katter’s mission and abilities to be a phenomenal spokesperson and representative for over 5.5 million veteran caregivers nationwide have brought the podcast “Wake Up With Patti Katter” into the top 1% of podcasts. More than anything, Katter knows that her listeners want her to talk more about encouragement and inspiration, and giving her audience what they want, helps Katter stay in the top 1%.

Patti Katter’s goal through this Podcast is to highlight guests who have overcome trials with triumph and to encourage others. Everyone is tired of mainstream media; her shows offer insightful ways to remain positive in a hectic and sometimes stressful world. She offers life coaching to those who need extra encouragement in their lives and provides consulting services to those seriously considering starting their Podcast.

More than her work, Patti Katter is interested in fulfilling other people’s needs first. For that purpose, she started this way of connecting people with stories and people who need to know these stories to get inspired and be the ones they need to become to achieve their dreams.