Must Play Golf Courses

It’s no surprise that golf courses offer beautiful scenery. Golf is more than simply having various equipment such as headcovers, gloves, golf bags, clubs, and so on. However, the natural beauty of a region is equally significant to players when selecting a venue.

Most golfers would tell you that they both love and loathe the game. They’d also agree that even when things don’t go their way, they’re lucky to be playing in some of the most gorgeous locales on the planet. They appreciate places that others may never see. Experimenting with new and varied courses is part of the game’s appeal. At the same time, golf travel allows people to discover new cities and countries by using a spectacular golf course as the starting point for a fantastic journey.

To help you plan your next golf holiday, here are five must-play golf courses of the hundreds of magnificent golf courses around the world.

  1. St. Andrews

It’s the world’s oldest and most recognizable golf course. The Old Course is an otherworldly site where golf as we know it began. They’ve been playing golf on this stretch of land since the 15th century. The “home of golf,” framed by sensitive rural courses and bordered by the windswept seas of the Eden Estuary, the town of St. Andrews, and 500 years of golf history, is a must-see. All course design either imitates or refutes the Old Course, which is uniquely changeable and weather dependent, and therefore it remains the benchmark for every other course on this list.

  1. Cypress Point Club

The setting of this golf course is one of its most notable features. While savoring a terrific round of golf, you may enjoy a magnificent seaside panorama with a refreshing ocean wind. Cypress Point Club is located at Pebble Beach in California. A club with a strong ambiance is dedicated to sustaining the game’s traditions.  Such beauty can be found both inside and beyond the golf course’s limits, and you could even see a few deer grazing to add to nature’s gift. The diversity is incredible because you have dune golf courses, mountain golf courses, and the famed beachfront tract.

  1. Pine Valley Golf Club

Pine Valley, which has topped the Golf Magazine list since 1985, is justifiably the darling of golf design fans. Its status as the world’s most challenging and finest golf course is well-deserved. Every single stroke is a potential double par. Unless you can toss it up in the air and hit it at a respectable distance, the course is difficult. It’s unusual in life for anything that has received so much attention to outperform expectations. Pine Valley Golf Club is situated in a dry environment, although it appears to be a sanctuary surrounded by palm trees. Pine Valley is located in New Jersey, USA but in contrast to St. Andrews, it has yet to hold any large golf events.

  1. Shinnecock Hills Golf Club

The course’s uneven topography, fluctuating winds, and a green area bunker may make it a difficult task. It was created by William Flynn and Shinnecock Hills Golf Club, at 6,996 yards, mixes the fairways with the ocean to offer an amazing setting for golfers.  The facility has played home to five U.S. Opens with the most recent one held there in 2018.

  1. Sand Hills Golf Club

Sand Hills is a showcase of simple course design at its finest. The absence of substantial history attests to the overwhelming excellence of the Nebraska venue, which often ranks high on “best courses” lists.

 Put these golf courses on your list of potential destinations for your favorite sport. You will not be disappointed since these courses will put your talents to the test while providing breathtaking views of a unique terrain that makes golfing an absolute delight.