Jerono Phylis Rotich – Giving back to the community


Dr. Rotich’s service to the department, College, University, Professional organizations, community, and the international community is unmatched

As you carry out social actions, you will probably discover that certain people value what you’ve done for them. They might even be so grateful as to want to repay the favor by doing something kind for you. You have a decision to make if this occurs. You might ask them to pay it forward or take a good deed in exchange. Requesting others to “pay it forward,” you encourage them to reciprocate your kindness by lending a hand to someone else. You can inspire others to continue showing kindness to more people by doing this.  

Paying it forward naturally creates a positive domino effect, something to be applauded and thought about. If you are unfamiliar with the idea, consider it as follows: someone who receives a good deed asks its recipients to reciprocate by returning it to them rather than the original benefactor, which means that a single act of compassion or goodness can have a considerable impact.

The pay it forward idea is explicitly promoted by some people. When they help someone, they ask them to pass it on to someone else. Occasionally, they will even request that others spread the goodwill to numerous others. Consider your passions if you are looking for the ideal approach to giving back. The more enthusiastic you are about anything, the more probable your excitement will spread to the others in your community, and the more enjoyable the experience will be for you.

For example, you might wish to work to develop students who will be change-makers, mentors, and role models in many contexts like Jerono Phylis Rotich. Jerono Phylis Rotich worked as a professor of kinesiology and the department chair of kinesiology and recreation management at North Carolina Central University in Durham, North Carolina, USA. She presently holds the positions of Professor of Kinesiology and Associate Dean for Organizational Climate, Inclusion, and Belonging at the University of Indiana Bloomington’s School of Public Health.

She is the CEO and founder of the WOYO (Women & Youth) Global Diversity Consulting, the Kenya Students in Diaspora (KESID) Foundation, and the JVV Wellness and Safety LLC. She is a member of numerous organizations, such as the National Executive Board of Kenya Christian Fellowship and the Board of Kenya Diaspora Alliance-USA, established at the 2018 UNESCO Collective Consultation on TSG.

She is a devoted servant leader, educator, scholar, and speaker who passionately supports women, youth, wellness, and peace. She is a fierce advocate for social change, brilliance, community service, and cross-cultural cooperation. She also thinks that even small changes can make a difference. Her outstanding community service activity has not gone unnoticed. She has received numerous awards and keynote invitations as a result at the local, state, national, and worldwide levels.

You will not have to search a long way to find opportunities to give back to your community. If you’re looking for something more particular, search for needs in your neighborhood. You could be able to do the chores that are right in front of you and change things; even a simple gesture, such as clearing snow for an elderly neighbor, qualifies. You might also be able to fill a gap in your community if something is lacking. It might be as easy as setting up a tiny, free library where locals can borrow and exchange their favorite books. When it involves giving back, a little can go a long way!