How Will You Stop Enabling An Addict Or Alcohol?

How do you know if you are an enabler or if you are usually helping out? If you can notice that your loved one is enabler, how can you stop if you are not sure you may find it easy to take this test to see if they are enabled? Once you are find that your loved one is enabling an addict; you can explore tips and practical examples of stopping helping someone with alcohol dependence.

How to Stop Drug or Alcohol Abuse?

At this point, you may realize that you have helped a loved one suffer from alcoholism. On the one hand, learning to stop abusing other people’s drugs or alcohol can be very empowering. You can remember that you cannot change other people. But you can change their behaviour and reactions to them. 

What Are The Signs Of Enabling An Addict?

  • Avoidance: Avoidance is a common way of dealing with problems. You might just be looking for ways to avoid dealing with it. The problem is that while avoidance can be a short-term and temporary solution. But enabling could make the situation worse in the long term.
  • Feeling offended: Even if you are searching for ways to protect your loved ones from the consequences of alcohol or substance abuse, your resentment for having to do things may continue to grow.
  • Financial helping that maintains the problematic behaviour: You might pay a bill they forgot to pay or even give them the cash they use to buy alcohol or drugs.
  • You are assigning duties on behalf of the other party: When the other party cannot perform daily responsibilities. You may take over to compensate them. This may involve doing household chores such as cleaning, washing, or caring for children.

Sometimes the enabling is obvious. But there may also be more subtle variations. You can give a gift to someone that helps them maintain problematic behaviour; for example, it can be a form of enabling.