How to Safely Use a Naloxone Kit?

Naloxone Kit

The opioid epidemic has affected countless lives, making knowledge of overdose reversal not just imperative but lifesaving. One crucial tool in this fight is a naloxone kit, which can counteract the potentially fatal effects of an opioid overdose. In this article, we’ll explore the essential components of naloxone kits, the appropriate way to use them, and what to do while waiting for professional help.

Understanding Naloxone Kits

Naloxone, also known by its brand name Narcan, is a medication that rapidly reverses the effects of opioid overdose. Naloxone kits have become increasingly accessible, with many pharmacies and organizations offering training on their use. The kit enables individuals to administer naloxone in the event of a suspected overdose.

Some kits may contain Nyxoid, a similar nasal spray that works in a similar manner to Narcan. To understand the differences between them, check out this article discussing Nyxoid vs. Narcan. By staying informed on the differences between these two drugs, you’ll be better prepared to use naloxone in an emergency as well as make a more informed decision on what type of kit to use.

The Components of a Naloxone Kit

A typical naloxone kit contains the following:

  1. Naloxone medication (either as a nasal spray or injection)
  2. Protective gloves
  3. A breathing mask
  4. A syringe (for injectable naloxone)
  5. Instructions for use

Steps to Use a Naloxone Kit

Step 1: Assess the situation

If you find someone unconscious or unable to respond, check for signs of an opioid overdose:

– Slow, shallow, or erratic breathing

– Unresponsive to stimuli

– Pale or bluish skin

Step 2: Call for help

Call 911 immediately and provide details about the person’s condition and address.

Step 3: Administer naloxone

If you suspect an opioid overdose, use the naloxone as directed. For nasal spray, insert the nozzle into the nostril and press down on the plunger. For injection, insert the needle into a muscle like the thigh or upper arm, and inject the medication.

Step 4: Perform CPR and wait for help

If the person is still unconscious, begin performing CPR steps and wait for professional help to arrive. If the person begins breathing again, remain with them until help arrives or they regain consciousness.

Step 5: Monitor the individual

Stay with the person until emergency services arrive, and inform them that you administered naloxone. It may be necessary to administer a second naloxone dose if the person doesn’t respond to the first one.

Aftercare and Recovery

It’s essential that the individual receives proper care and support after experiencing an opioid overdose. Addiction treatment professionals can offer guidance on further resources, and the growing number of Narcan podcasts provide information on prevention and recovery stories. It is important to note that learning how to use a naloxone kit is not enough – it is essential to seek professional help and advice on addiction management.


Understanding how to use a naloxone kit and being prepared to act in an emergency is crucial in combating the opioid crisis. By familiarizing yourself with the steps and knowing where to access the necessary resources, you can make a significant impact in saving lives and supporting those navigating through recovery.