How to Prevent Arthritis

Arthritis refers to pain and swelling that occurs in joints. The main symptoms of this condition are stiffness and joint pain. Pain in the joints can limit you from doing things you love. There are over 90 types of arthritis, and most are treatable by living a healthy lifestyle. All arthritis types evolve differently, but some can cause loss of function. There are well-equipped teams to handle arthritis in Fort Worth.

  1. Check Your Weight

Your knees should be strong enough to support your weight. Obese people are more likely to put pressure on their knees, which triggers arthritis. You are also more likely to develop knee OA if you are overweight. You will bring your diet to a healthier range by taking a good diet and exercising. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is ideal if you are having issues cutting weight.

  1. Workout

Not only does exercise strengthen joint muscles, but it also takes off stress. Working out will protect your joints from tears and stabilize them. Exercise is doable in the following manners;

  • Strength exercises- include lifting weights and use of resistance bands. These exercises strengthen the joint muscles. You should have at least two sessions weekly.
  • Endurance exercises- include biking and swimming. These exercises improve endurance and improve heart pumping.
  • Flexibility – include yoga and stretching. They ensure the joints are always in motion, and this prevents stiffness. It is advisable to stretch at least five times a week to be fit.
  • Balance – include tai chi and heel-to-toe. These exercises enhance posture and balance. They can also prevent falls if you have wobbly joints.       
  1. Shun Injury

Your joints might begin to wear off with time. You will damage your cartilage when you injure the joints, making it wear quickly. It is advisable to warm up before a game to prevent injury. You should also use the proper equipment to be safe.

  1. Protect the Joints

Squatting and heavy lifting can cause joint problems with time. Heavy lifting is not good for the joints. Research has shown that heavy lifters are more likely to get arthritis than others. Other risk factors of OA include vibrations and standing. It will help to sit well to keep your joints free from strain. Also, carry items at a close range to avoid straining your joints.

  1. Avoid Smoking

It is hard to stop smoking, but that step has massive benefits to your health. Quitting smoking keeps you free from heart diseases and arthritis. Smoking also affects your treatment result. Smokers do not respond well to arthritis. It can also prevent tumor necrosis factors.

  1. Be More Ergonomic

You will prevent strain and pain on your joints by setting up a more ergonomic office and home. Ensure your feet are well supported if you sit for long periods at work.

Arthritis is an inflammation that occurs in the joints. It is not treatable, but you can manage it using certain lifestyle habits. Kindly contact the doctors in Fort Worth for all arthritis-related concerns. They are experienced and will help you manage it.