How To Keep Oneself Self-Motivated 

Self-motivation is the ability to drive oneself to take the initiative and action to pursue goals and complete tasks. It’s an inner drive to take action — to create and to achieve. It pushes you to keep going on tasks, especially those you’re pursuing, because you want to, not because someone told you to.

When reaching a big goal, self-motivation plays a key role. But changing your life requires persistence, and many of us find it challenging to stay motivated over time.

The beginning is easy when setting out to achieve a long-term goal, whether it’s to get healthy, make a midlife career change, or realize a personal dream. You’re full of vitality and determination to face the challenge.

However, many of our most precious goals don’t happen quickly. It takes hard work, persistence, and discipline to change your life. When results don’t come as soon as you expect, or when nothing goes right, it’s natural to feel frustrated and have difficulty staying motivated.

Setting a goal—anything from getting a degree or landing a new job to achieving a new level of physical fitness—is a big step toward improving your life. But following through to achieve what we’ve set out to accomplish can be challenging, especially on those days when motivation wanes. So how do you follow through on your commitments during those times when you don’t feel like putting in the work?

We all lose motivation from time to time. When you’re feeling unmotivated, try one of these science-backed strategies to get yourself back on track toward your goal.

  • Put your goal on the calendar.
  • Make working toward your goal a habit.
  • Plan for imperfection.
  • Set small goals to build momentum.
  • Track your progress.
  • Reward yourself for the little wins as well as the big ones.
  • Embrace positive peer pressure.
  • Practice gratitude (including for yourself).
  • Do some mood lifting. 
  • Change your environment. 
  • Remember your “why.”

An individual who has come from a background where no one would say that he can achieve anything extraordinary because of his disability and race. James Weathered Jr is a Black American mainly known for his successful entrepreneurial reasons, but very few know the motivation behind his success.

Weathered as a disabled black man and single dad, he wants to be the inspiring body of an example of success in the eye of the performer. He brings a different way of success to the table as a black; he’s not a rapper or sports player. Just an everyday person who bought dreams to life

Being an employment service, inventor, serial entrepreneur, and real estate investor might be ordinary for a few people with all the privileges. Still, the people who face many discriminations are the ones who get to taste the medicine of success the best way, as it comes purely from self-growth and self-improvement. 

When an individual is self-dependent, knows their worth, and is not ready to give up on his dreams, no matter how many distractions come in the way, the way will be visible, and the goal will also be met. Weathered is a living example of it.