How to Delay The Appearance of Aging Signs

It is not surprising that some people dream of being forever young, but the aging process makes this impossible. However, you do not need to accept the not-so-appealing signs of aging meekly. Instead, you can reach out to your New York bioidentical hormone specialist at Liondale Medical to consult about the available anti-aging therapies.

How can you reverse signs of aging?

You may not be able to wholly reverse your aging process because it is part of life. But adopting a healthy lifestyle can help delay the appearance of the signs of aging. Healthy habits such as eating a balanced diet, regular exercise, and sunscreen ensure that your body retains youthful energy and appearance.

These habits also make you look younger than you are. However, a healthy lifestyle may not be enough to delay the aging process; you may need preventive care services to supplement your lifestyle. Most people that preventative care is only limited to preventive diseases.

Dr. Bissoon ascertains that preventive care works wonders in reversing and preventing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. He has done extensive research on the process of aging and how it affects your body tissues and has comprehensive knowledge on how to restore youthfulness.

What does your anti-aging care plan entail?

Dr. Bissoon may recommend the following treatments for your anti-aging care:

  • Adopting a customized nutrition plan

Radiant, glowing skin begins with what you eat, and adding a few other nutritional foods to your diet can go an extra mile and slow down your aging process. When you feed your body with antioxidants, adequate water, and healthy fats, your body shows appreciation through the skin. Dr. Bissoon may also IV therapy to nourish your body with additional essential nutrients.

  • Going for genetic testing

Genetic testing reveals how specific foods affect your genetic composition and how genetic variations influence how your body absorbs nutrients. Dr. Bissoon works with nutrigenomics and pharmacogenomics to create a personalized treatment plan that guarantees excellent results.

  • Increasing your energy levels

Unexplained fatigue and low energy are some of the signs of aging, but you can prevent them by holistic approaches that replenish your energy. Dr. Bissoon may recommend bioidentical hormone replacement, regular exercise, and nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+)  to restore your youthful buzz and energy.

Is bioidentical hormone therapy effective in reversing aging signs?

As you age, your hormone levels decline, leading to age-related concerns such as wrinkles, fine lines, osteoporosis, and memory loss. If you have severe age-related problems such as heart diseases and dementia, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy may be the most appropriate treatment for you. This therapy replenishes your energy and prevents age-related symptoms due to low hormone levels.

Can medical weight loss delay signs of aging?

Most people believe that being obese or overweight increases the risk of developing chronic health conditions, but in some cases, excess weight can contribute to cellular aging. Dr. Bissoon conducts a series of tests to see if medical weight is the proper treatment for your health concerns.

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