How can Indians Do Business With Great Profits In Dubai?

To start a business in Dubai, you must first choose a location. Because Free Zone of Meydan has a 100% external ownership and 0% tax rate, many Indian businesses decided to set up shop there. Our strategic location in Dubai, adjacent to the harbour and the seaport, means you’ll be in a great position to start trading and meeting new people right away.


The following are just a few of the advantages of establishing a business in Dubai for Indians:

  • Formation of a business

If you’re forming a business in the United Arab Emirates, you’ll want to keep complete control over its activities. By locating your firm in a Dubai free zone, you can retain 100% control of your company.

  • No more taxes

If you locate your firm in a Dubai free zone, you will pay no taxes, allowing your company to keep more of its income.

  • Funds Repatriation

All profits and revenue earned in Dubai free zones can be repatriated to India (or abroad) at any time by Indian business owners.

  • Friendly Environment For Business

The Dubai administration is well-known for its pro-business attitude and the ease with which businesses can establish themselves in the emirate. There are a variety of tax benefits and resources available to help your business succeed.

  • Location Matters

For Indian firms, the United Arab Emirates is a very appealing location. Its location at the crossroads of Asia, Africa, and Europe allows you to tap into a vast worldwide market. With numerous daily flights to cities across India – and the rest of the world – you’ll be perfectly positioned to meet your customers wherever they are.

  • Locality

You’ll have access to tremendous business networks with ex-pats from back home, thanks to the hundreds of Indians who have established in Dubai.

The Free Zone at Meydan is centrally positioned in the UAE; they are very near to the consumers, the seaport, the airport, and leisure facilities, and are a perfect place for Indian entrepreneurs to establish businesses in Dubai. So here you get to know how can Indians do business in the UAE.


You’ll find your fellow countrymen in Dubai from Gujarat and beyond, Bangalore to Hyderabad, Kerala to Mumbai. The experts can assist you with elements of company formation in Dubai, allowing you to focus on the launch of your company while they handle the paperwork. They also offer a variety of extra services to companies looking to build a substitute firm in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.