How A Showtech Production Company Can Make An Outstanding Video Mapping Event

Whether you want to celebrate a special occasion, generate excitement for your brand’s new product launch, or make an event more memorable for attendees, video mapping can add magic and memorability. Here’s how a Showtech Production company can do that for you.

The first step in the mapping process is to create a guide. This can be done by laser scanning the facade or taking high-quality pictures from different angles.


Whether hosting a music event, launching a new product, or celebrating a corporate milestone, 2D or 3D video mapping can take your event to the next level. It’s a technology that can create a sense of awe and magic for your guests, one that will be remembered and possibly even shared.

The first step in the projection mapping process is to scan your house’s facade and create a guide for the software to use as its screen. You can do this by laser-checking the home or by taking high-quality photographs. Once the direction is finished, it’s time to begin designing your show.

MadMapper is a powerful video mapping program that supports multiple projectors and can handle LED arrays. The program offers a wide selection of effects and animations designed to be utilized on large surfaces, such as entire buildings or giant stages. Its open customization capabilities allow for experimentation and help users build pre-visualizations before they go onsite.


Many events can be ruined by technical issues or poor video production. It is vital to ensure that everything runs smoothly during an event to ensure your audience can be fully engaged and entertained. Professional AV equipment can help you transform a room or tent into a dynamic space that will impress your audience.

The setup is one of the most important aspects of a successful mapping show. The first step is to create a guide to serve as the digital canvas for your animations and effects. You can use a scanner to make the direction, or you can use a picture of the structure and cut it into sections.

Once you have your guide, it’s time to start mapping. You can choose to use the orthographic mapping method, which is ideal for curved surfaces or objects that aren’t rectangular. Or, you can use the 3D mapping method, which accounts for depth.


Adding a little visual excitement to your event is an effective way to generate enthusiasm and interest. From 2D mapping to fully-lifelike 3D effects, there are numerous ways that projection technology can bring an ordinary event to the next level.

Projection mapping can turn any surface into a display screen, including irregularly-shaped objects like buildings and industrial landscapes. The result is exciting concert visuals, realistic holograms, or enhanced art exhibitions.

Whether you’re hosting a large-scale concert or a minor corporate event, Showtech Production company has the tools and experience to deliver your vision. Professional AV, lighting, and video production services can help transform ballrooms, tents, or conference halls into spaces that will significantly impact your attendees. The company uses state-of-the-art equipment and can provide conventional stage lighting and LED pars lighting to create colorful uplighting. Its lighting consoles can be programmed for different looks, too. This helps reduce the time required for a crew to switch between looks during an event.


Video mapping technology has come so far that it can use anything as a canvas, even irregularly shaped objects and buildings. Using projection techniques, this can be achieved in 2D or 3D.

Showtech has the equipment and expertise to create unique effects for your event. Whether to generate excitement for a product launch, add a special touch to a celebration, or bring a presentation to life, adding video mapping is a great way to make an impact that will not be soon forgotten or virally shared.

From performer flying systems for theatrical productions or brand launches to truss and prop automation, single & multi-axis winch systems for LED screen movement, and tilting stage lifts, Showtech can produce spectacular visual effects. Their experience in this is second to none, having made many events, from concerts and corporate special events to trade shows and fashion shows.