Getting Rid of Bed Bugs in Leon Valley: Call Pest Control Now

Bed bugs are these tiny insects that live on blood. Obviously, these bugs need a host to survive. It is a common misconception that bed bugs are only found in beds. These pests are known to hitchhike and can enter your home through luggage bags, shoes, clothes, and personal belongings. Texas is home to numerous species of insects, including bed bugs. If you need help with bed bugs, calling a Leon Valley pest control company would be a good idea. Here’s an overview of the topic for your help. 

How to find signs of bed bugs?

Let’s start by clarifying one thing – As of now, bed bugs are not known to pose health risks to humans. However, these nasty creatures can leave red and itchy bite marks behind and can ruin your sleep. You may also find a strange odor in your bedroom and infested areas, as bed bugs are known to release pheromones. The eggshells often look small and white in color, resembling sand at times. If you mistakenly kill bed bugs in your sleep, you may find small blood stains on your clothes, linens, and sheets.

“Can I use alcohol for bed bugs?”

Technically, alcohol can kill bed bugs. If you soak a bug in alcohol, it will most certainly die. However, that doesn’t mean that alcohol is a good solution for the situation. Yes, you may kill a few bed bugs that you can find, but using alcohol on furniture is a bad idea in the first place.

How do pest control services work?

A professional pest control company will typically start with an inspection, where they would look for the signs of bed bugs. If their technicians cannot find evident signs, they may set up monitoring devices. The methods or pest control products used for bed bugs are usually safe. Heat treatments, EPA-approved pesticides, fumigation, and cryogenic freezing are some of the common methods used for killing these insects.

Finding a pest control company 

Always look for a company that’s locally owned and operated in Leon Valley. Also, make sure that the company you choose is licensed and has insurance. As for the price, you can only expect to get an estimate after an inspection is done. Steer clear of pest control companies that have a standard price for everything. It can take a few sessions to eliminate bed bugs entirely, and it is wise to spend on preventive pest control. 

Call a reliable local service now for an inspection.