Four Reasons You Need a Charleston Bankruptcy Attorney on Your Side When Filing for Bankruptcy

If you have been struggling to pay your debt and want to know what your legal options are, you should schedule a consultation with a Charleston bankruptcy lawyer. Your attorney will tell you what type of bankruptcy fits your situation. By filing for bankruptcy, you get a second chance to rebuild your finances with the protection that bankruptcy laws offer. But to ensure the success of the process, you need legal guidance at each step of the way. Here’s why you need an attorney if you are planning to file for bankruptcy:

They Can Tell You Which Type of Bankruptcy Suits You

Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies have benefits and drawbacks, and the right type for you depends on your financial situation and goals. Chapter 7 lets you eliminate all of your secured debt, while Chapter 13 lets you pay back your debt gradually. However, Chapter 7 is not easy to get, while Chapter 13 may not decrease the amount of money you owe to your creditors. A skilled lawyer will analyze the pros and cons of each bankruptcy and how they apply to your situation. 

They Know the Legal Process

Without knowledge of the legal process, you could miss a deadline or a document when filing bankruptcy, delaying the process. Because of your circumstances, you may want to complete the process as soon as possible, and an attorney can make this happen. With a bankruptcy attorney working on your case, you can be sure to meet all deadlines and comply with necessary requirements. 

They Deal with Creditors

If you are facing a lot of debts, you may be getting constant calls from your creditors who want to try to collect what you owe them. An attorney can handle communications with these creditors, eliminating the stress you experience as you face harassment from creditors. 

They Save You Money

Because you are in a poor financial situation, you may think hiring an attorney will make it worse. But letting an attorney handle your bankruptcy will help you save money down the road. Your attorney will increase your chances of getting the best outcome in court. Also, you will get through the bankruptcy process faster with an attorney than you would by yourself. With a lawyer on your side, you have knowledge of the applicable process and the law at your disposal. And you do not have to worry about making mistakes that could delay or get your case dismissed.