Eliminate Unsightly Varicose Veins With Varithena

Varicose veins may not only be a cosmetic concern; they can be a sign of a life-threatening health condition. They may not cause any symptoms in some cases, but it is wise to visit your doctor for a comprehensive check-up to rule out any life-threatening health conditions. If the uncomfortable symptoms of varicose veins prevent you from enjoying your life or you do not like them, varithena in New York may be the best solution for your problem.

What myths should you not believe about varicose veins?

Varicose veins may not only be embarrassing for some people, but also they may be a source of excruciating pain. In some cases, these unsightly veins can cause skin damage and even blood clots in severe cases. Because varicose veins are a widespread concern, some myths are likely to rise about them.

For instance, some people believe that crossing your legs contributes to varicose veins. The truth is that crossing your legs does not cause varicose veins because they occur due to faulty or weakened valves. Another myth is that varicose veins are merely a cosmetic issue. Varicose veins can significantly affect your physical appearance and prevent you from wearing certain types of clothes.

No one is comfortable parading around ropelike purple veins. But these veins are sometimes more than just a cosmetic concern. They may be a sign of a severe underlying disorder. Varicose veins may occur due to obesity, contributing to several health issues such as diabetes. Being overweight exerts extreme pressure on the veins, leading to damaged valves, resulting in varicose veins.

Another belief is that only women can get varicose veins. Medical research shows that about half of the population of men struggle with varicose veins. In some cases, a family history of varicose veins increases your chances of getting, and these genetics can be in both men and women.

How does Varithena treat varicose veins?

Varithena is a state-of-art noninvasive treatment technique for varicose. Before treatment, the professional team at Elite Veins NY conducts a thorough physical exam to determine if Varithena is suitable for you. After confirming that you are an ideal candidate for the procedure, the team prepares you for treatment.

Your provider may numb the treatment site during the treatment to prevent you from experiencing any discomfort. Afterward, your doctor may use a small catheter on Varithena, which causes the damaged vein to collapse. Your body then naturally redirects blood to flow in healthier veins. One treatment session may be enough to achieve your desires, but you can schedule several sessions depending on your needs.

What should you expect after Varithena treatment?

Immediately after treatment, you may experience leg pain and mild bruising, which may resolve within a week. Your doctor may prescribe pain relievers like ibuprofen to help with the pain. You can talk to your doctor if you have persistent side effects or suspect you have a blood clot. Some patients complain f discomfort, tingling, and numbness at the injection site. Elite Veins NY uses ultrasound guidance to reduce the chances of such side effects.

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