Eliminate Unsightly Body Hair With IPL Hair Removal

Constant shaving or waxing unsightly hair can be tiresome and frustrating. Shaving can sometimes contribute to inflamed hair follicles, ingrown hair, and itching. Scarsdale hair removal uses gentle pulses of light to remove the unsightly hair without leaving any scars on your skin, and the results and long-lasting.

What is Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Technology?

IPL refers to an advanced hair removal technique that applies intense light pulses to your hair follicles, making the hair go into a resting phase. The hair then falls out and grows back lighter, and in some cases, it doesn’t grow back on the treatment site.

By the end of your treatment, your skin on the treatment area may feel smooth, and the smoothness may last a long while. IPL hair removal is a non-surgical procedure that eliminates unsightly or unwanted hair on specific body parts, ensuring that you don’t need to wax, shave, or pluck anymore.

Can IPL address all types of body hair?

SeeBeyond Beauty specialists use cutting-edge hair removal equipment for different body parts. They can remove the hair on your legs, face, bikini line, neck, abdomen, chest, arms, and back. You can also remove body hair from different parts f your body in one session, depending o your beauty goals and preferences.

 IPL hair removal also addresses all types of skin tones except the very dark skin tones and hair colors ranging from black, blonde, and brown hair. The number of sessions you need to remove the majority of the hair depends on the patient and the treatment area. Some troublesome areas may need ten treatment sessions, while others may need only four.

What happens during an IPL procedure?

Your doctor examines the treatment site and discusses your beauty goals and medical history during your appointment. This information enables the SeeBeyond Beauty team to personalize your treatment and tailor it to meet your desires and offer long-lasting results.

The team cleans the treatment area and uses anesthesia to ensure that you are comfortable during your treatment. Your provider may also require you to wear protective glasses for your eyes. The specialist then transmits IPL energy to the target hair without affecting the surrounding tissues.

What should you expect after IPL hair removal?

IPL hair removal does not require downtime. You can embark on your daily activities immediately after the procedure. Still, you may have side effects such as tenderness, redness, or mild swelling that resolves on its own in a day. You can use concealer t conceal the side effects until they disappear. Two weeks after your treatment, your hair may grow lightly and fall out, and any hair that remains intact is either too deeply rooted or too fine.

The specialists at SeeBeyond Beauty recommend several treatment sessions to maximize the results. Several sessions increase your chances of eliminating the unsightly hair permanently. You can shave new hair growths between your treatments but not wax or tweeze.

For more information about IPL hair removal, call the SeeBeyond Beauty office or book your appointment online.