What is a return to duty & follow-up DOT SAP process?

After a driver receives a failed drug test result, they begin to return To Duty Process DOT in order to get back to the road. They continue to follow up the testing process for the next 12 months. It is more obvious today for employers and drivers to understand this DOT SAP Process. Walking through the SAP process and return to the duty process before an employee can start safety-sensitive functions. This entire process starts with an evaluation of a substance abuse professional.

What is a DOT SAP?

A DOT SAP is a person who evaluates employees who have desecrated a DOT drug and alcohol program regulation. It recommends education, treatment, follow-up testing program, and after-care. SAP makes an essential decision whether or not anemployee is ready to drive any vehicle like atruck, bus, oil tanker, car, airplane, and other regulated vehicles. The follow-up testing and education program should take place.

How long is the DOT SAP Program?                              

Each SAP program is modified for the person going through it which causes a wide range of time and estimated the length of an SAP program. Theprocess is divided into two main sections first is the time to return to duty and the second is the time to finish the follow-up testing program. The SAP evaluation and the return to duty process can get back to safety-sensitive functions. The process includes a qualified DOT SAP, they talking to the physician if the driver is persuadedfor a false positive drug test. The second SAP evaluation after completing the program for passing the return-to-duty drug test, this whole process can take weeks to months to finish.

There is a follow-up testing program; the SAP is required to recommend a minimum of 6 to 12 months after returning to duty. Hence, the SAP can recommend a program of a follow-up drug test for as long as 5 years. A repeated failed or refused test could require this process to start overall.

What is the Return to Duty Process DOT?

Before an employee returns to duty for safety-sensitive functions, they must complete the return to duty process. The following steps are required.

  • Instantly remove the employee from safety-sensitive.
  • Find a qualified DOT SAP for an initial evaluation.
  • Finish an SAP education or treatment program.
  • Complete another SAP evaluation.
  • If the SAP report is good, complete a return to the duty drug test.

Once you receive the negative result, the employee can begin the safety-sensitive functions again.

The Final Verdict

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