Common ROMAN BLINDS mistakes that make you look dumb:

Choosing the right Roman blinds for the home is a difficult choice for most of us. There’s a lot to choose from and it’s not something you’ll be changing often, so getting it right the first time is a priority. To help you out, we’ve found some common mistakes people make with their blinds and how to avoid them, helping you get the perfect ones the first time. The difference between a blind and a Roman blind is in the way it is opened. Unlike a blinds that, as the name suggests, pulls down, a Roman blind folds gently layer by layer. The design is stacked rather than rolled and offers a more polished finish with a raised blind. Our design uses lining fabrics, rings, eyelets, and dowels for a sleek, professional look.

The wrong size of Roman blinds:

It might be tempting to head to your local hardware and home improvement store and pick up a pre-made Roman blind to cut yourself, but don’t! Most of us aren’t that handy with a craft knife or scissors and we end up with a messed up job and frayed edges.

Roman blinds are not fit for their purpose

Every room in the home is different and has a different purpose, so your blinds should reflect that. There is no point in putting the fragile fabric in a dirty environment like a bathroom or having curtains in your bedroom if you like to sleep at dawn. Knowing what you expect from a room can help you make a wise choice. And don’t worry, we also have guides for bathrooms, bedrooms, and kitchens. Try these Roman blinds in your bathroom and blackout paneling in your bedroom.

if you don’t have thermal blinds in the cold parts of the house, you’re practically throwing money away. Whether it’s one of our pleated Roman blinds or adding a thermal liner to your favorite design, they help prevent drafts and allow you to turn the thermostat down a few degrees. And that means you can save a few pennies on your bills.

You don’t keep them clean

As with any other part of the house, it is important to keep Roman blinds clean and looking good. Don’t worry, we aim to make cleaning Roman blinds easy and we even have a handy guide for almost all types of blinds.

Chances are you haven’t done your research. Unfortunately, almost every computer screen looks different. What looks stark white on one person may look pale beige on another, so it’s always best to order a free sample to see how it looks in the flesh, especially if you’re picky. And once you have your sample, make sure you admire it in your room at different times of the day, as its style can change from dawn to dusk.