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In Other News

‘SNL’s Cecily Strong Asks Media Not to Talk About Hillary Clinton’s Appearance

ICYMI: Still laughing. The points Cecily Strong makes about journalism are funny… because they’re true.


KCBS News Anchor Pat Harvey To Receive L.A. Area Governors Award

Sony Picks Up Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton Movie ‘Spotlight’ in Multiple Countries

Can’t wait to see this film. It is sure to be eye opening about both the scandal and the diligent reporters that stood by the controversial story.

Google could fix the business side of digital journalism by building a CMS

Is The Right to be Forgotten All Wrong?

Great post from my former journalism professor at Santa Monica College. I thought it was worth sharing for anyone who has ever received that phone call from a source panicking and saying they no longer want to be quoted.

Back in the Newsroom

As the faculty adviser to the Corsair newspaper at Santa Monica College, I received a request this weekend from a woman who sounded pretty desperate. An article published online at the Corsair four years ago included background information about her that she no longer wanted public. “This issue has recently affected me in a profound way and I want to remove this once and for all,” she wrote.

On a human level, I felt her pain. Who wouldn’t mind erasing some untidy bits of personal history?

But then the journalism professor took center stage and I was outraged. The story was accurate and the information hardly offensive. The story was already published.  To remove it now to suit someone’s whim went against all my journalism training and beliefs.

The Corsair staff explored the issue during class today. It made for a lively ethical discussion of a growing controversy in digital publishing: The Right to be Forgotten

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