Building the Future – The Best Universities to study Computer Science in Australia 

IntroductionAs a destination for international students, Australia has been gaining popularity thanks to its developed economy and guaranteed post study work rights. In addition to this, Australia is also home to some top universities with excellent faculty who can equip students with the tools they need to be successful in both a personal and professional capacity.If you are looking for a technical education, particularly in Computer Science, then Australia is a go-to destination. According to the QS Rankings, the University of Melbourne, University of Wollongong and Griffith University, among others, are some of the best institutions in the world for students looking to pursue a higher level of education. If you study Computer Science in Australia, it opens up a variety of career opportunities – with over 1.2 million jobs accounted for by the IT Industry in the country alone.What about universities?With such a vast number of jobs in the IT industry, most major colleges in Australia provide courses in Computer Science. Here are some of the top universities to pursue an undergraduate course in Computer Science in Australia.1. University of Technology, Sydney: Ranked among the top universities in Australia, the University of Technology in Sydney offers over 130 undergraduate courses with Computer Science one of the most prominent subjects available to students. If you wish to apply for 2023, the deadline is 6th March for the autumn intake and 12th December 2023 for the summer 2024 intake.2. University of Sydney: Founded in the year 1850, it is Australia’s oldest university and offers a wide range of courses, including Computer Science. Students must apply by October of the previous year for the Semester 1 intake in February.3. University of Adelaide: The University of Adelaide was started in the year 1847 and is spread across 3 main campuses. The Computer Science course is led by world-class faculty and intakes are possible in February and July every year.4. University of Wollongong: One of the finest institutes in Australia, the University of Wollongong offers a comprehensive Computer Science program. Students signing up for the Bachelor of Computer Science course can join The WorldGrad’s Global Online Accelerator Program, allowing them to study online from home and make savings up to INR 20L. Students who wish to apply must have an IELTS score of 6.0 and above and an average of 55% or above in 4 subjects from their state board examinations. Students can apply until 12th June for the autumn intake at the University of Wollongong.5. Griffith University: A well lauded institution in Australia, the Griffith University offers students a Bachelor of Information Technology course with a program duration of 3 years. When applying with The WorldGrad’s UniSmarter program, Indian students can make savings up to INR 20L and will have post study work rights for between 2 to 4 years. Any students looking to apply must score 55% or above from their state boards and have an IELTS score of 5.5 or more. Students who want to join Griffith University for the 1st Trimester must apply before 31st January, 2023.6. LaTrobe University: Designed to help you succeed, LaTrobe University’s Bachelor of Information Technology course takes place over 3 years. When applying through The  WorldGrad’s UniSmarter program, students will have a chance to earn scholarships and will save INR 20L by studying online from home, before progressing to the country to complete their education on campus. Students who wish to apply to LaTrobe University must have completed their application by 17th January 2023 and must have over 55% in their state board examinations.7. Eynesbury College: Located in Adelaide and associated with the University of Adelaide, Eynesbury College offers a Bachelor in Information Technology course for students who wish to explore the same. If applying through The WorldGrad’s UniSmarter hybrid program, students will complete their studies from home, saving up to INR 20L in living expenses and tuition fees. On completing their studies from home, they will progress to the campus to complete the course. Students must have 50% or more in their state board examinations and an IELTS score of 5.5 or more to qualify for admissions. Students can take advantage of two intakes in February and July each year when looking to join this institute.Conclusion With plenty of opportunities for a career, varying from Software Engineer, Project Manager, Network Engineer and many more, an undergraduate qualification in Computer Science can kick start your career. The IT industry is growing by a rate of 17.5% in Australia and the flexibility and dynamism in the field is unparalleled. This career path also allows you to work from anywhere, adding to its appeal.If you are looking for a overseas education provider, Visit The WorldGrad . To learn more about hybrid courses in Computer Science in Australia or to set up a session with our admissions team.