Behind the scenes of the summer food and live music festival

At a glance

  • A successful summer festival in Melbourne is a result of meticulous planning and attention to detail.
  • From finalising the venue to booking artists and vendors, ensuring all safety and security measures are undertaken to ensure a smooth summer festival experience for everyone.


Summer festivals in Melbourne are a beloved tradition that brings communities together to celebrate the warm weather and enjoy a wide variety of entertainment options. These events offer something for everyone, be it live music and food or art and crafts. But have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes to make a summer festival a success?

A well-planned summer festival requires a great deal of coordination and attention to detail. There is a lot that goes into making a summer festival happen, such as selecting the perfect venue and scheduling performances to securing sponsorships and promoting the event.

In this blog post, we will take a closer look at what happens behind the scenes of a summer festival in Melbourne. So, whether you are a seasoned festival-goer or considering a fun family activity in Melbourne this summer, knowing what it takes to create a memorable summer festival can help you decide.

Planning and Preparation

Selecting a venue is the first step in the context of planning for a summer festival. Various factors must be considered before finalising a venue – availability, capacity, location, and amenities. Once a venue has been selected, the next step is to choose a date that works for both the festival organizers and the venue. This typically involves taking into account any competing events or holidays, as well as the weather forecast for the chosen date.

After selecting the date and venue, the next step is to create an event schedule. This includes determining the start and end times of the festival, scheduling performances, and allocating space for vendors and other activities. The schedule also includes determining the length of each activity and ensuring that there is enough time in between for setup and breakdown.

The next obvious step is to make it happen. This includes securing funding, sponsorships, and partnerships by reaching out to local businesses, applying for grants, or seeking out sponsors. Since this takes a long time, the good idea is to start early and be persistent.

Once the resources are in place to execute the above plan, it’s time to spread the word. Summer food and live music festivals in Melbourne are marketed by creating a website, social media campaigns, and advertising. All these efforts help ensure that the community is aware of the festival and all it has to offer, thus making it well-attended.

Coordinating Performers and Vendors

Live music and good food are the hallmarks of a successful summer festival. So event organisers need to scour the market for booking artists and food vendors by reaching out to agents or managers, negotiating contracts, and ensuring that all the necessary logistics, such as travel and accommodation, are taken care of. At the same time, to avoid any confusion, the management is responsible for ensuring that the artists have all the necessary equipment and that the schedule is communicated to them beforehand t. It’s important to select artists and vendors that align with the festival’s theme. They must also have all the necessary permits and insurance to set up the shop.

Ensuring Safety and Security

Security and safety measures are critical aspects of any summer festival, especially when young children are involved. This includes having a plan in place for emergency situations and ensuring that there are enough trained security personnel on-site that are capable of handling any situation that may arise. It also encompasses having emergency exits and emergency plans in place and ensuring backup for medical emergencies. Additionally, the festival organizers need to make sure that they have done a thorough risk assessment and have put measures in place to mitigate those risks.

Running the Event

Running a summer live music and food festival in Melbourne is a complex task that requires coordination across departments. Managing the crowd is another important task that needs to be taken care of. On the day of the event, the process of setting up the event is critical, as it ensures that all the necessary equipment, stages, and booths are in place. Often there is enough security personnel on-site to manage the flow of people, there are clear signs indicating where people should go, and enough emergency exits in case of an emergency. It also includes ensuring that there are enough restrooms and food and drink stations to accommodate the number of people in attendance.

For a truly smooth experience, the management must always be up for troubleshooting. This includes dealing with any technical difficulties, such as equipment failures, disruptions, or incidents that may occur. It is indispensable to make it all work seamlessly with communication between the staff and volunteers. They work together to ensure that everyone in attendance has a positive experience.

Finally, the team breaks down and cleans up the venue after the event has concluded. This includes taking down the equipment and stage, paying the vendors and performers, and leaving the venue in clean and orderly condition.


A well-planned summer festival in Melbourne can offer a memorable experience to your family and friends. We hope this blog post has given you a deeper understanding of the hard work and dedication that goes into creating a successful summer festival in Melbourne. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to have fun and make memories with your loved ones.