Bariatric Surgery: For You, Struggling To Lose Weight

It is common knowledge that although you may try to consume healthy diets and exercise regularly, still, it may be challenging to shed that extra weight. Being obese or overweight comes with many health complications like high blood pressure. The solution? Try your bariatric surgeon in Frisco, TX.

Weight loss surgery involves implementing a small yet effective change to your digestive system. The medical procedure yields a small sac by dividing your stomach. As a result, as a patient, you benefit from a smaller stomach, which demands you to eat tiny quantities of food.

Bariatric surgery types

  • Sleeve gastrectomy

That is an approach for removing more than 75% of the stomach. A patient will then be left with a pouch elongated and tube-like, resembling a banana.

Unlike the standard stomach size, the resulting pouch cannot store and digest plenty of food. Moreover, there is less production of ghrelin, a hormone tasked with regulating your appetite. That leads to appetite inhibition, and thus you may not eat a lot.

One of the main pros of the approach is that it produces a significant loss of weight over a short period. Also, contrary to other weight-loss surgical procedures, this particular approach makes your stay in a health facility short-lived.

  • Roux-en-Y gastric bypass

This procedure has been in use and perfected for over 60 years. On the other hand, The sleeve approach has been in practice for only about 30 years.

Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, a popular bariatric surgery, functions by reducing the food portion you can consume in a sitting. The weight-loss method also minimizes the ability of your body to absorb nutrients from digested food.

A professional surgeon divides your stomach to have a top pouch, almost about the size of an egg. The average stomach size can store three pints of food. However, the pocket made can only hold around an ounce of food.

The more significant stomach part is no longer helpful in storing and breaking down food.

The surgeon also ensures the tiny part of the intestine can receive food from the resulting small stomach pouch.

An advantage of the procedure is that it is proven to be effective.

  • Adjustable gastric band

The device has been in use for close to 20 years in the US now. A silicone-built device is positioned around the top section to reduce the size of food that your stomach can contain. In addition, there is the creation of a tiny pouch above the gadget.

Your level of fullness will hinge on the extent of the opening between the sac created and the remainder of your stomach.

The advantages of the gadget are that it can be removed at any time, and the procedure is not prone to complications.

You may find that other types of bariatric surgery are slight variations of the first two discussed.

If you desire to live a healthy life without excess weight, you can try any of the procedures. The secret to succeeding is finding an excellent bariatric care team today at LoneStar Bariatrics.