All You Should Know about Sculpting

As one grows old, many changes occur in the body. For instance, collagen production reduces, you lose muscles, and the skin begins to slack. The significant changes occur in appearances because of the cellulite reduction. While you can decide to settle and make peace with bodily changes associated with old age, you also have an opportunity to improve your appearance and counter the changes. Some cosmetic procedures that help you look younger include body contouring Las Vegas. Read on all that relates to body contouring. 

Butt Contouring Explained 

It is a non-surgical procedure that aims at sculpting your backside to give you a more desirable figure. The procedure helps you add more volume to the buttocks by utilizing the ability of the body to rejuvenate and Sculptra a dermal filler. The procedure is not painful, and you will not lose blood or nurse sutures. You can schedule an appointment and undergo the procedure in the morning, and in the evening, you are enjoying yourself at a party because it has no downtime. 

What To Expect During The Appointment

After getting to the hospital, the doctor will take your history and discuss your beauty needs. The medic will give you a gown or robe. The doctor will expose the buttocks, evaluate their shape, and decide on the amount and location of the injections. To avoid infections, the doctor will sterilize injectable areas. The doctor will numb your skin with a topical cream and proceed to insert a blunt tip of the cannula into the treatment area. 

Next, the doctor delivers the product deep into the dermis because that is where collagen production occurs. Depending on the beauty needs, the doctor will request that you change your position severally during the administration of the product. After completing the injections, the doctor instructs a technician to apply ultrasound waves and radiofrequency waves to the targeted area to trigger collagen production further. Lastly, you get a topical growth factor in the treatment area for a younger appearance.

The doctor will explain that you can only see notable results after some time, and the lifting and the volume will only remain for about two years. Also, you will receive advice on what to avoid immediately after the procedure. 

Benefits Of The Procedure 

  • You attain your required butt size and shape without surgery
  • You only have minor bruising after the procedure, which fades with time.
  • The sessions only last for an hour; hence it does not consume a lot of your time
  • You attain a natural look because the body naturally grows around the product. 
  • You boost your appearance and self-confidence. 

Possible Side Effects 

The Sculptra butt lift can cause different side effects depending on how well you respond to treatment. Some of the side effects include;

  • Bruising and tenderness in the injected area
  • Asymmetrical results depend on the expertise of the person performing the procedure. 
  • Lumps before the body grow around it
  • Temporary acne breakouts, itching, and rash at the injected area.


Whether you want a butt lift for aesthetic purposes or to counter the effects of aging, Modern Wellness Clinic in Las Vegas makes your desires come to reality. A team of specialized personnel takes you through the procedure. Call or book an appointment online today.