Advantages of Wooden Pallets That You Wanted to Know

When you talk about logistics, pallets are always among the key requirements. Pallets can be found in many sizes and are made using different materials. Plastic, steel, and wooden pallets are quite popular for transferring goods and raw material. While all these pallets have their own advantages, here are some of the key advantages of wooden pallets that you need to consider.

Low Cost – Wooden pallets are low-cost solution for carrying out logistics. Wooden pallet manufacturer would usually procure timber at competitive cost as it can also be found as a scrap. Steel and plastic are comparatively expensive and would cost higher compared to the wooden pallets. If you are playing limited budget and looking for trusted solution for shipping then wooden pallets would be a great option.

High Durability – Wood is a durable and strong material. The strength of timber can also be witnessed in the pallets. Whether the wooden pallet supplier used a recycled timber or the fresh timber, the strength of the pallet is not affected. For shipments aimed to a longer distance, it is always good to have wooden pallet to protect the products being moved.

Easy to Repair – These are quite low maintenance pallets as repairs are comparatively easier. One can get the repairs done without any advanced machinery. Scrap traders in India use these pallets as they can be made just like the new ones with little maintenance. Due to the simplicity of design, these pallets are quite low on maintenance and may not incur any extra cost. However, these pallets are highly reactive to dampness and moisture. It is always better to avoid damp areas.

Low Chances of Slipping – Friction is more in timber base and so in wooden pallet. Even when wooden pallet is placed on slippery surface, the chances of slipping are low as there is enough friction to hold it at place.

Easy to Recycle – Though more use of timber cannot be good for environment, it is still recommended as these pallets are easily recyclable without compromising on its strength and durability.

Wooden pallets are good to use and budget friendly with lots of advantages, yet one needs to use it only in favorable conditions as it may catch fire faster and rot in damp conditions.