Advanced Treatments You Should Consider Visiting A Medical Spa For

The medical industry has changed dramatically over several years, becoming more of a medical spa than anything else. These changes are due to many factors, including demographics and technology. The baby boomers are always mentioned as pioneers in most things they do, so it is no surprise they have impacted the industry so much. There is a vast population of aging baby boomers with time, money, and interest in looking younger. The technology boom has also contributed to this change in the medical industry in lasers, skin tightening devices, etc. These technologies lead many consumers into spas or beauty clinics instead of doctors’ offices when they want rejuvenation treatments. This article looks at some revolutionary therapies you can get at Balle Bliss Luxury Medical Spa. Read on to learn more.


This treatment is a device that uses ultrasound to lift skin, tighten muscles, and reduce the appearance of cellulite. A clinical study has shown the process to produce an average of 21 percent skin tightening on the treated areas. It takes about an hour with no downtime associated with it. This revolutionary lift is perfect for those who have already experienced sagging skin but want to restore elasticity without invasive surgery.

Vampire Facial

This innovative treatment uses plasma rich in growth factors derived from the patient’s blood to treat facial wrinkles, improve skin texture, and revitalize aging or photodamaged skin. These treatments are done on an outpatient basis without any surgery involved. The patient’s plasma is drawn, then it is incubated for several days, at which point the plasma is used to revitalize the skin. There are no incisions, stitches, anesthesia, or recovery time involved with this treatment. The results are visible immediately at the end of the treatment session.

IPL Therapy

IPL or intense pulsed light energy therapy treats vascular lesions like spider veins. It works by emitting precisely controlled pulses of light absorbed by blood cells causing them to heat up and cauterize the vessels, so they close off without damaging surrounding tissues. This treatment not only deals with superficial blood vessels but can also help with sunspots, rosacea, and acne breakouts. IPL therapy is also an effective hair removal on the face and body.

Hormone Therapy

The aging process in women and men results in a decline of natural hormones in the body. Women may start to notice this decline when they stop having their periods, while men begin to experience hormone loss when they start producing less testosterone. Though there are other alternative treatments, such as bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), available, a simple solution is to get a prescription for Replens. This is a clinically proven over-the-counter product that restores moisture from the inside, helping skin look and feel softer, smoother, and younger.

In summary, medical spas have revolutionized the healthcare industry, providing some of the most advanced treatments. Some of the most common treatments include vampire facial, IPL therapy, ultherapy, and hormone therapy. In some cases, you can combine multiple treatments for more effective results. To benefit from these treatments, you need to find the best medical spa.