6 Recommended Halal Foods in Bali

A vacation to Bali is not complete if you don’t hunt for Balinese food. However, most famous restaurants always offer a variety of pork cuisine. Some of you certainly hope that someone will provide recommendations for Halal food in Bali. This time, we will tell you about Halal Foods in Bali that you must try when visiting Bali. Even though we’ve done the research, it’s a good idea for you to double check about halal certificates and other necessary things before visiting the places below!

  1. Jinggo Rice Tutu

Generally, Nasi Jinggo only contains a fistful of rice with a side dish of shredded chicken, fried tempeh, fried noodles and chili sauce, packaged in a banana leaf package. However, it is different from the larger portion of Nasi Jinggo Tutu and is served on a plate like mixed rice. In addition, Nasi Jinggo Tutu allows you to choose between white rice or yellow rice.

  1. Taliwang Grilled Chicken

Because of the location of Bali, which is adjacent to the island of Lombok, it is not surprising that you can also find some typical Lombok cuisine, especially in the Denpasar area. Many people’s favorite is Ayam Bakar Taliwang Baru which is located on Jalan Teuku Umar, Denpasar. Usually, tourists will stop by here after satisfying shopping for souvenirs at Erlangga and Krisna By By Bali.

The mandatory menu that you must try is, of course the Grilled Chicken. For those of strong spicy, you can order Plecing Chicken or Sasak Chicken which is no less delicious. Don’t forget, as a companion, you can order eggplant duck and plecing kale. Guaranteed to add more rice! For those of you who are confused about the small portion of chicken, that’s because they use real native chicken.

  1. Fish Soup Mak Beng

It’s also a legendary culinary favorite in Bali, Sop Ikan Warung Mak Beng. Opened since 1941 and never empty of visitors, this shop only has one mainstay menu: a simple package consisting of White Rice, Fried Fish, Fish Soup, andsuper spicy chili! You can find the beach atmosphere when you visit here because Warung Mak Beng is right on the beach in Sanur. Open from 8 am, you can enjoy the sunrise on Sanur beach first and then continue to have breakfast.

  1. Wardani Restaurant

Being in a location in the heart of Denpasar, which is far from the crowds of tourist attractions, does not make Warung Wardani empty of visitors. Many local and foreign tourists who come from far away come to enjoy this Balinese mixed rice. Almost the same as Warung Pojok, this shop also provides a menu of chicken mixed rice, beef mixed rice or both. For the price, this one mixed rice is priced quite expensive compared to others. A portion of mixed rice will cost you around IDR 30,000 to IDR 40,000. Oh yes, now they are also opening a new branch near Ngurah Rai International Airport.

  1. Pojok Restaurant

Local Balinese better know this halal culinary than tourists. Now, if you want to take a vacation and get to know local Balinese culinary, you must try the Nasi Campur Pojok Warung. A portion of mixed rice containing beef Sisit (shrimp beef with Balinese spices), lung, ayam Sisit, chicken skin, boiled egg, satay wrapped, vegetables and chili sauce. For the price, Warung Pojok makes a difference for those who eat in and are packaged. The price for a plate of mixed rice is IDR 25,000 for eating on the spot, while you can pack it starting at IDR 10,000 only. What a cheap one!

  1. Tempong Pink Rice

Nasi Tempong is a Banyuwangi specialty, equipped with the mandatory side dishes, namely salted fish, tofu, tempeh, boiled spinach, and don’t forget the super spicy chili sauce! You can choose the main side dishes such as catfish, free-range chicken, duck, and others. In addition to Jalan Teuku Umar, Denpasar, Tempong Pink also has a branch in Kuta.

The whole corner of the dining room to any knick-knacks is pink as the name implies, unique, right? It has the slogan “Monyor Monyor” which means you will be guaranteed to feel a spicy sensation until your lips are swollen or monyor if you eat here. How about you dare to try?

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