5 Signs To Upgrade Your Existing Accounting Software



Do you know that even if you’re using accounting software for your daily accounting tasks, you still need to update it from time to time? Or has it ever occurred to you that your accounting software needs to be upgraded to inherit the relevant features suitable for the success of your business? Well, for this problem you have reached the right article!

With an upgraded Dext Accounting software, you can explore powerful features which can improve your business efficiency and client productivity. But for this, you must know what are those signs which alarms the upgrading to accounting software. This way you can save both time and money, and also get aware of the trigger signs for your system.

Here are some signs which indicate that your accounting software needs an upgrade.

Many businesses are facing inventory management issues due to manual handling, leading to human errors. You can experience the ill-effects like:

  • More time is taken by the software to pull finance reports
  • Disconnected CRM from the systems
  • Complex accounting tasks 

Therefore, you need to understand those trigger signs for upgrading your accounting software.  

1. Cloud Connection Issues

If your accounting software is outdated, it will not allow you to connect to the updated cloud services. It makes you dependent on the in-house infrastructure for your account’s storage. 

Along with this, you also miss out on other cloud connection features too like:

  • Remote Accessibility
  • Tech support for round the clock
  • Enhanced Security

Overall, your workflow gets disturbed in the long run.

2. Issues In Real-Time Reporting

Gathering every minute data and conveying the same to different clients and departments as real-time reporting. 

The real-time information helps managers make prudent decisions under time constraints. You can easily manage your accounting operations if your system is upgraded for the real-time sharing of information.

With the upgraded accounting software, you get accurate and easy access to real-time data without any delays. This way you can increase your profit opportunities and reduce the errors in the system. 

3. Lack Of Relevant Insights

With accounting software, you must have complete control of your business and its financial figures reveal a lot about the same. 

With an outdated solution, you cannot get relevant details for your business works. There are several issues which you can face with the current accounting software system, like:

  • CRM Connectivity
  • Unstable Inventory 
  • Stocking in Warehouses

Thus, upgraded accounting software can provide you with the relevant specifics of your business performance, virtual inventory management, and a 360-degree view of the complete finance cycle. 


4. Mobile Connectivity Problem

Many businesses consider going for mobile-integrated accounting software, which an outdated system can never compensate for. There are various limitations businesses face without mobile connectivity including syncing mobile data, travel limitations, etc. 

You should consider a few such warning signs: 

  • Unavailability of your software application on mobile OS like Android and iOS 
  • Available on mobile apps for limited functions and tasks
  • Unable to share data and keep privacy on mobile applications.

5. Issues In Multi-app Integration

For switching to accounting software, you must make sure that your multi-platform work gets unified and doesn’t get cumbersome. Both CRM and inventory management systems play important roles in accounting processes. 

Most businesses use different platforms or applications for each process to run the business smoothly. But, it is not viable and feasible to manage all those applications at the same time. 

You feel crippled with the technology in hand, and not able to import or share the data from different applications, increasing the burden on human resources. Therefore, upgraded accounting software provides easy compatibility with different applications, and assures optimum human resource deployment for productive tasks. 

Final Thoughts

Accounting software is a smart choice for the overall productivity of your business, but you cannot scale your business with outdated services. There are different triggers or signs that you must be aware of for upgrading your accounting software.