5 Most Unique Considerations for Beauty Gift Basket

Gifting a sustainable zero waste beauty products gift basket is always better than a single gift. This leaves your loved ones with a wide scope of choice for personal use. These sustainable beauty products create a balance between the company processes and the environment.

Let’s focus on the key elements of a sustainable beauty gift basket:

  1. Organic Palm Oil

Palm oil is one of the most essential and mandatory contents in every beauty product; be it a lipstick or face compact. Since its product ion is in large scale, you can find its use in almost every eatable too. It is also considered the most popular vegetable oil in the whole world as its crop requires less land for its production as compared to the land required by other crops for oil production. Since its growth is rapid, the demand for it is increasing rapidly too.

  1. Recyclable and Reusable Packaging

Beauty industry makes more use of plastic than any other industry in the world. Their products are packed in billions of units of plastic in a year. Now just imagine millions of tons of plastic waste dumped in the ocean thereby increasing the pollutant levels in the water. It is due to this reason a step to stop such dump is taken. Use of biodegradable plastic, minimize the use of virgin plastic and use recycled materials, and using separable materials made of mixed materials are few points for consideration.

  1. Minimize The Use Of Water

Although, water once was the most important ingredient in cosmetic products, most of the companies have switched to waterless sustainable beauty products due to its quality of evaporation. There are cosmetics made of hyaluronic acid, Aloe Vera extract, byproduct from fruits and extract from seaweed algae. These ingredients help maintain the moisture in your beauty products and work similar to water.

  1. Organic Products

The word organic is gaining a lot of prominence in the market these days. More and more beauty care product users are falling for organic beauty products as they claim to be 100% natural. Less or no synthetic use, no genetically modified organisms, sticking to the list of allowed substances, biodiversity methods and use of 95% material that is organic are few important factors for organic products.

  1. Correct Sources Of Organic Ingredients

Do not fall for the word organic simply by reading it on the product. Do a bit of research to learn from where the organic material is derived. There are certain problematic ingredients that most of the beauty product companies are fighting against. However, the search for innovative methods in the making process is continued by them.