4 Souvenirs From Lombok That You Can Bring Home

What comes to your mind when you hear the word Lombok Island? An island surrounded by beautiful beaches and located near the island of Bali. The natural beauty of Lombok is indeed very stunning. It is surrounded by three small islands, namely Gili Meno, Gili Trawangan, and Gili Air. In the Sasak language, Gili means island. Then on the island of Lombok, there is also one of the highest mountains in Indonesia, namely Mount Rinjani. This natural beauty makes Lombok a popular tourist destination in Indonesia.

Moreover, typical Lombok souvenirs are very varied and worth buying. Make tourists want to shop while enjoying its natural beauty. Lombok is also famous for pearls, weaving, and various other typical souvenirs. Here are typical Lombok souvenirs that you can take home.

  1. Songket

Songket is a typical Lombok souvenir that you must buy. Lombok songket has a distinctive motif compared to songket from other regions. One of the biggest songket craftsman villages in Lombok is Sukarara village. Almost all women in Sukarara village are weaving and songket craftsmen. They make the songket manually in front of the house which you can also see if you visit there. Still using traditional tools, they displayed their homemade products in front of the house after they finished.

There are songkets made of silver and gold threads whose prices can reach tens of millions of rupiah. Songket prices in Lombok start from IDR 75,000 to millions of rupiah. Depending on the difficulty of the motif, the materials used and the quality. You must have at least one piece of Lombok songket. This fabric can be used as a scarf, dress, dress and many others.

  1. Sumbawa Oil

This typical Lombok souvenir is indeed quite anti-mainstream because it is in the form of oil. Sumbawa is famous as a producer of honey and wild horse milk. But Sumbawa is also famous as a producer of oil. Sumbawa oil is well known in various circles because it can cure various diseases. If you are bored with food souvenirs, why not bring Sumbawa oil as a souvenir. Sumbawa oil is made from a special herb. It is believed to treat burns, fractures, sprains, abrasions, virility problems, and many others.

It is said that the production of Sumbawa oil is very well thought out. Made of high-quality materials, the manufacturing process is not arbitrary. It is processed properly to produce quality oil.

  1. Grilled Salted Egg

Lombok also has salted egg souvenirs like other regions in Indonesia. The difference is, this typical Lombok souvenir is called grilled salted eggs. The residents knew this food of Lombok around 2012. This product is produced by the new hut hamlet, Terara village, East Lombok district. Made from duck eggs, processed by burning. The taste is not as salty as salted eggs in general. The salted eggs sold are cooked so that they can be eaten immediately. The roasting process is added with secret spices so that it gives the egg its uniqueness. Seasonings can soak well into the eggs. You have to try it.

  1. Sweet Wine Lombok

Maybe you think palm wine is an intoxicating drink. But this typical Lombok souvenir is not intoxicating and refreshing. This drink can be found on the roadside, placed in mineral water bottles. Sweet wine is made from Beluluk fruit (sap). This fruit has a sweet taste, so no need to add sugar at all. The juice of the sap is taken and then processed in such a way so that it produces sweet palm wine. Sweet wine must be stored cold so it doesn’t go stale. So after buying it, you have to drink it immediately. If you want to take it home, use a portable refrigerator to take it with you.

In Lombok, sweet Tuak is often consumed during iftar because it has a sweet and fresh taste. Can replace lost energy. This drink is easy to find on Bilasundung street, Bilasundung village, Masbagik sub-district, East Lombok. The price is very cheap, around IDR 5,000 per bottle.

When walking in lombok and see sweet wine sellers on the roadside, don’t forget to buy it. It can be a thirst quencher for the heat of Lombok Island or enjoyed on the beach while watching the beauty of the sunset.

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